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  1. No dice, I'm afraid. But I did learn that my displays are capable of 800x600! I'll keep poking at it. I'll try on another machine later tonight. Will report back, thanks for help.
  2. Fortunately I can press ENTER to save changes, but this is not ideal, obviously. I've tried quitting and restarting, it even persists through a computer reboot. Same across different files. Any insight? Edit: to clarify, this is the whole window. Everything is shifted to the right and cut off.
  3. Wait a sec, does this say only if the copying was done *after* data exchange has been initiated? Because that's a pretty easy fix... Turn it all off and on again and dump it in a new LW6 file. Disregard panic. I thought I did that and it didn't work, but I must have been tired/frustrated and did it wrong.
  4. It's the end of the world. But thank @JBenghiat! Exactly the answer I needed. I deserve it for apparently skimming the release notes. But it looks like definitely a VW problem. Do we have an eta on a fix?
  5. Lightwright data exchange working great, except it won't read fixtures that were created in VW by copying other fixtures. It reads fixtures inserted with fixture insert tool just fine, but not when it's been copied. This holds even if the fixture has totally different data than the original. Once I manually add the fixture to LW, it doesn't pull the rest of the data from that fixture in VW, but it doesn't throw a conflict/errror. Any fix? Is this a vw problem, or a lw problem? Thanks!
  6. Removed the shortcut and reattached, and it behaves normally after a restart. Turned it off and on again, I should have thought of that! Thanks Pat.
  7. Thanks Pat, you're a genius! I do have unified view checked, and a screenshot of my options for it is attached. When I unchecked "Centre View On Activated Layer", it fixed it. Appreciate the help.
  8. New behaviour with 2021 - when I change the active design layer, it jumps the view to 0,0. Is there a way to turn this off?
  9. When I "undo", it does what I want, but it also changes a lot of my layer visibilities. Running 2021 with spotlight. Haven't changed any default keyboard commands.
  10. Would benefit greatly from saved sets, and logic. Would love to be able to go through that mess only once for two fixture concepts, for example, which would be a field value of x or y. At the moment it's only and.
  11. @zoomer I do have the forward and back buttons on my 3dconnection cadmouse mapped as the wireframe and openGL commands. So somehow the context for those buttons would have to change when I'm in the resource manager vs in the rest of the application. I assume said context change wouldn't be unique to 3dconnection devices, but I understand it might be tricky.
  12. Is there a way to make the forward and back mouse buttons work in the resource manager? Mine are render shortcuts, and every time I absentmindedly try to navigate the resource manager like a file manager or browser window, I rerender everything. Save me from myself, please?
  13. @Jesse Cogswell that sounds like a promising fix for next time, however I got so annoyed with it that I deleted the fixture and started again. Always last resort because I still don't have the hang of consistently attaching fixtures to hanging positions;) But thank you! It's a good thought, I rushed through that bit and probably did exactly what you say.
  14. Bump up on this, I'm having a heck of a time trying to attach a clamp to a fixture whose symbol has none. I think I can attach it to the fixture, but I can't seem to make it attach to the correct part of the fixture. I've tried moving the 3d locus element of the group that makes up the symbol, but the clamp doesn't seem to reliably attach to the new spot, either. What am I not getting?
  15. Hi @Kal, FWIW I just had this happen to me. Half the gizmo was 10' away in 2d, though it was nicely in place in 3d. I started again from an imported .step, did all the exact same things through to the creation of the autohybrid, and it worked fine. Repeated several times with the same model, and couldn't recreate the problem. I even hauled things around in 3d space then put them back, in case I'd accidentally done something while flying over the first time. No dice. The whole incident smelled buggy to me, so all I can say is save often! Hope you feel like you got a handle on it now.
  16. Hi, I'd also like to hear back about this. I'm having immense trouble getting the spacemouse to work properly with Vectorworks. It works great with Rhino and a couple of other apps, so it seems like the vwx implementation is the problem. The 3dconnextion driver config page seems to recognize "Vectorworks" and "Vectorworks Application" as two separate instances. Both spacemouse and cadmouse seem to intermittently just stop being recognized at all. Whether flyover with spacemouse works around centre of all objects or centre of selected is inconsistent, with no settings changes on my end. Any help from vectorworks would be appreciated. This is immensely frustrating.
  17. Thanks all. I'm currently exporting dwg from rhino and it's a bit awful.
  18. Bump and another vote for Rhino 6 support, please. In 2019 and 2020 would be great, but I get it if we can't have it retro in 2019.
  19. Sorry, I don't understand which numbers I should be comparing. If I click, say, the centre of a circle, and paste in a fixture that has a populated legend, the insert point of that fixture is not where I clicked. Your "bounding box" theory sounds correct. But why on earth would they apply that to lighting fixtures and their label legends?? EDIT: I reread and I think I understand what you were saying. I explained myself poorly: I don't mean that the insertion point of the fixture changes relative to the rest of the fixture symbol, I mean that it pastes based on some point other than the insertion point of the fixture. Does that make sense?
  20. @mjm Those look great. I've been video card shopping for another build, and this reinforces that no matter how many times I read that Tom's Hardware article, I do not understand video card nomenclature. Cheers and thanks!
  21. @Bob Keenan I don't know if you use WYSIWYG at all, but I've found the Cast-Soft PDF printer much more usable for Vectorworks than the Microsoft Print to PDF. Don't know if you can get your hands on it without a licensed WYG install, but if you already have it it might be worth a try.
  22. I think I'll be doing a lot more in RM instead of LLM. LLM is awful. Off topic, but are the video card specs in your signature accurate? How's that working for you? Do you do much 3D?
  23. The insert point of a copied fixture with a populated Spotlight Label Legend is not the insert point of the fixture. How do I make it so? Currently, if I copy/paste a fixture with Label Legend items populated, the insert point of the pasted fixture is somewhere in the realm of the middle of the whole arrangement, instead of the insert point of the fixture. Is this normal?
  24. @markdd In case you're interested, if you duplicate in the resource manager it behaves as expected. It's only through that ridiculous label legend manager disaster that it does the weird thing.
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