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  1. I have an auto cad file that I have imported into vectorworks 12. I would like to create a DTM with the elevation data. I have all the elevation points available, but they have imported as text with the elevation showing up as the text. Can I convert these to 3D loci that I can you to build a site model? Can I export the X/Y values of the text and the text(elevations) itself to create a survey input file?
  2. An apply button on pop-up windows. It would save several steps when testing choices. Now we need to select okay, see the change, not like the change, open the pop-up window, make another change, select okay...etc. Choosing an apply button, would make the change instantly visible and leave the pop-up window open for additional changes.
  3. I had a similar problem when intalling VW12 on windows. It seems that the install package is not working as the readme states. When I called tech support, Katie pointed me to this Knowledgebase article. It worked. http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=83&catId=21 Its a good product and a good company. Both get better the longer you know them.
  4. re: It creates a hip roof when the sloped roof option is chosen because a hip roof is the most "generic" style of sloped roof. A hip roof is not the most generic roof style in New England, especially in an urban residential setting like Boston. This is disappointing. A "generic" model builder should at least have the ability to build a shed or a gabled roof. It's kinda hard to get a model taken seriously if the roof is wrong.
  5. I have 2 shape files that I would like to import into VW12. When I import either one by itself, everything works well and looks good. But when I try to import a second file, I only see one selection handle, an am not able to do much with it. The odd part is that the OIP does show the appropriate number of polygons. Do I not have a setting correctly set? Is there a problem with scale? Or is this some kind of bug? Thanks.
  6. oops I mean it should NOT be there.
  7. I've got a point that appears on both design and sheet layers, but I can't select it. When I roll over it the smart cursor say's, "Point" so I can snap to it. But it should be there I don't know how I created it, and can't come up with the righ incantation to get rid of it. Any pointers anyone?
  8. Katie, The reference marker tool has all the data fields that I need: choices in the configs, data items that point to an off page reference etc. It would be nice if the leader line options that are available in the call out tool were connected to the reference marker tool. As it is, I don't think they are. I've chosen to use the reference marker tool and add my own leader lines. A good enhancement would be to make the leader line options available to the reference marker tool. Does this make sense?
  9. This has happened twice, though on different sheets. The the second time was from a saved set of sheets. I have a batch of about 8 sheets which I have sent to my printer. Some random page in the middle of the batch is printer with a reduced line weights. It sorts of looks like the line weights on the screen when the Zoom Line Thickness preference is unchecked. I can immediately print that page again and it prints just fine. Thoughts? Maybe the printer is getting overloaded? (canon i9900)
  10. Thanks all. These are all good ideas and provide some ideas to solve my simple problem. Katie, I had not seen the Bezier Leader Type. That is nice, for call outs, but too complicated for my current needs. I'm just trying to add a nice curved leader to reference markers. Maybe that goes against current document convention. The ability to add arrowheads to polylines sure makes sense to me.
  11. Okay there has got to be a simpler way to do what I'm doing. I want a simple curved line with an arrowhead. The only way I can think to make on is to draw a line with the polyline tool, then tool-->convert to lines ( it makes a zillion), select only the very last segment, attach the arrow head, then group all the peices so they act as one object. Why can't I add an arrow head to the end of a polyline?
  12. Weird. In several files built from scratch in 11.5, the text of my callouts has become inverted. If I edit the text, it puts itself right side up. Am I haunted?
  13. I doubt its the folder name. I did the rename and mine still crashes. Wait, I just checked and the folder is still 11.0.1...and protected. It seems to be too rendom to be so simple, but hey? Pharr, I'll try my best to be my erratic self and get the problem to reoccur. When it does, I'll send you some info. Sign me, Crash Buck
  14. Yea, I've had seemingly random crashes with 11.5 on a brand new XP machine. I'm working with an imported AutoCad file. The weird part is that VW just disappears...no messages, no lockups, no post cards, no nothing. The bad part is I can't recreate the problem. This last time, I was trying to do model setup on my existing document. But after the crash and opening up with a backuped version, I cannot recreate the crash. Is there a memory leak somewhere?


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