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  1. Yes, I am aware of all the modes that are available. I speek of the ones that are not.
  2. These four keys are so under used in Vectorworks. Esc - should eventual bring you to square one. Every time you press it, it should take you one step out of commands and eventually to the selection tool with no selections. Shift - should have the option of being the add/subtract to selection (current function) or use it to only subtract from selection like AutoCAD and all other selections are additive. You would use the esc key to drop all selections. Ctrl - when dropping a symbol that is not being placed in a wall this key could flip the symbol so i don't have to flip it after i put it down. Alt - means alternate - you can think of uses for it. When I do I will be back You have three modifying keys to work with. Every tool should have three main options that could be assigned to these keys.
  4. When deleting objects other than walls vectororks 10.5 is quick but when deleting walls it take a very long time.
  5. Just one thing I have been able to pin point about the new version slowness is when I use the Align/Distribute command. My process is to select the objects press CTRL"=" and adjust the dialog and press OK. Then the slowness appears on the next round. I do my selection and press CTRL"=" and press enter immediately after since the dialog has already been set. But the dialog still appears and I must press enter again because I was too quick. I was never to quick in previous versions of Vectorworks the program has slowed down. I was executing this command yesterday on 10.1.2 with no problems.
  6. I have to increase the resolution of my monitor to 1152x864 "which is not very high" so I can fit all the buttons and resource browser and other palettes on the screen and still have room to draw. But in doing this I have no idea what the dash styles look like until I pick it. So every time I want a specific type of line I have to go one by one until I get to the end. Then I realize that the default line styles won't work. So then I have to go to that crappy microscopic Line type editor and try to separate the handles, which are so close together you can't see all of them. And to top it all off, on occasion after clicking indefinitely to grab a handle I am able to move it but then I can't let it go, so I click and click until the mouse drops the handle only to have it dropped it the wrong spot. LINE STYLES IN VECTORWORKS SUCK! Give me a table where I can define gaps or make the editor and viewers bigger so I can see what I am doing. Just make it better. Pleeaasse!!!!!!
  7. Dear Nemetscheck, Is there any time line for an update to fix the array of problems that have been documented in the forums. I would just like an estimate, and no I don't want to get in to the problems they have been well documented by all.
  8. Would it be possible for Nemetschek to identify the most stable PC system that they have run Vectorworks on and pass that information on to us. Brands, Ram, Graphics Card model and Memory, etc.
  9. Got it! delete the wall record. Once you do that the tool will work.
  10. I'm having the same problem. VW 10.1.2 on windows 98
  11. Sorry forgot to mention that I am using 10.1.2 I did not have this problem with 9.5.2
  12. I am using windows XP and I can not turn off or on any tool palletes. I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling with no avail. I click and click and still nothing happens. Any Ideas.
  13. I hate to say it but Autocad has a lot of great features and one of them is how they handle snaping to objects. Not only can you specify as a rule what snaps you want to use you can override the presets at any time to zero in one one particular snap point. also If vectorworks can't do this they may be able to do this: Allow me to locate my curser over an object at any point on that object and press some key (tab in autocad) to rotate through all the available snap points on that object - another great autocad feature.
  14. We are working with the VW 10.1.2 on windows 98 and we are having the same problem but the solution doesn't work. So now what
  15. Just a note this may be a problem associated with items that were grouped when the drawing was converted from 9 to 10. It will take me time to verify but, my test seems to support this. I ungrouped everything then grouped some things that I still wanted grouped and everything worked fine.
  16. Ungrouping all the object and then selcecting them all and nudging them does work. I have no issues selecting or drawing objects before or after ungrouping them. And switching the view snap edit options have no effect at all. So it seems that that the problem lies somewhere in how things are grouped. not as a whole but when some items are grouped and some are not. Also I have problems using the smart cursor while editing objects in groups if the "view others while in groups" option is selected.
  17. You mis-understand. I don't mean reasonably slow like all of the other versions, I mean that VW 10.1 takes about 50 times longer to nudge than it does in VW 9.5.2. I tried the same command in 9.5.2 and it took about .5 seconds but 10.1 took about 25+ seconds. I also have the same problem if I select all and use the 2d reshape tool, draw a halo around what I want to move and try to nudge. I takes just as long to do this as it does to nudge the entire drawing. VW 9.5.2 did not have this problem.
  18. You can edit by holding the CTRL and double clicking the item you wish to edit in the RB.
  19. When I select more than a few items ie. 129 objects trying to nudge them takes a very long time. But if I group them, it works fine. We are having this same problem on all six computers. Most of them are running on clean boots and the CPU, Ram, Video, and Motherboards are different on each.
  20. I am also having slow down problems. I also am using VW 10.1 and converted the file back to 9.5.2 and tried the same sequence of steps to move a wall. using the reshape tool. 9.5.2 took about .5 second and in 10.1 it took about 30 seconds. I am using Windows 98 SE the file is only about 1.5 Megs and I just restarted windows.
  21. the 499 note limit may be true for the data base but try to use the keynote tool when you have more than 250 notes in a database and you will recieve an error
  22. Some issues I have with the VW 9.5.2 Keynoting system: 1. the maximum number of notes you can have in the database is 499, but the maximum number of notes the keynote tool can handle is 250, both of which is to small. 2. The label for the keynote should have an option to refer to the keynote name which is given when the note is created. I don't want the type in the label every time and the auto increment feature is not for everybody. Have either of these issues been addressed in VW 10 and/or are there any intentions to resolve them in VW 9
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