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  1. Hi, I am having problems when exporting DWGs from Vectorworks 11.5.1. It seems that some files take a long time to regenerate when they are opened, to the point where they are causing our consultants' computers to crash. In one case I am exporting from a sheet layer, which has four viewports (although the problem remains even if i delete three of the viewports). The drawing has several different wall types with different hatches, and quite a lot of symbols. I would have given up long ago if it wasn't for the fact that I have successfully exported other (more complex) vectorworks drawings in the same way, and in these cases the process seems to work really well - in fact the drawings look exactly like ours in AutoCAD. Obviously I am frustrated as i can't understand why some files seem to work and others don't, particularly as i can't identify the distinguishing factor. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Tom
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