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  1. I seem to have gotten lost somewhere in the last section of the VW Site Design Essentials Seminar, when the Essentials Template #3 is being used. When I raise the elevation of the back patio and pool surround to meet the 3.65' elevation of the house (minus 4" below the sill), and the site model is then changed from 'Existing' to 'Proposed' to raise the terrain model so that the patio and pool surround hardscape are no longer hanging in space, I lose almost all of my perennials, shrubs, and bury the trunks of my trees… …as well as part of the driveway. As you can see, I've regraded the driveway according to the coordinates that were given in the seminar, but part of the drive is now below grade. Below, you can see the floating hardscape in the back after raising it 3.65'-4" and before raising the site model from 'Existing to Proposed'. However, even when changing the site model back to 'Existing', my plants and driveway still fall below grade. I'm not sure how to fix this. Perennials, shrubs, and trees before creating the site model Perennials, shrubs, and trees after creating the site model A section of a planting bed with and without the site model in place. I've created the site model from source data based on the staked elevation points given in the tutorial file (Essential Template #3, applying Site Modifiers to both All Layers and on Select Layers choosing all the layers including perennials, shrubs, and trees. In both cases, my plants (and parts of the driveway) are getting buried under the site model surface. Noticeably, the house was floating above the ground prior to creating the site model and was at grade after the site model was created. But everything that wasn't tied in with the house's elevation got buried. I'm sure this is a common problem with beginners. Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem? Thank you.
  2. The Site Design guide is two years old and three versions out of date. This 'Legacy' Getting Started Guide needs to be retired and replaced with fresh content especially since every tool has changed in Landmark except the Massing Tool.


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