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  1. I am not sure if this is the correct forum for my question, but we are using OSX server and we are having trouble with VW2008 seeing files on the server. Let me elaborate. When I open up a server mounted volume to search for files i get a list, say file a, file b..... When I am in VW2008 and go to reference another file (DLVP) i see files that i have saved from VW to the server (say a copy of current file), but not files that i have moved from my desktop to the server mounted volume. Is there some sort of cache involved in the file browser within VW? Any help appreciated.
  2. I tried searching the message board, but couldn't find any information on this. Is there a way to create an exact copy (and have it be updated) of a sheet layer with all of its viewports and then place that copy in another document? I know this is a little backwards way of referencing, just curious as it pertains to a project I am working on now.
  3. One additional question. Is it possible to have circular referencing? For example, have a one file be the site plan referenced to two office building files, yet still have the main floor plan referenced to the site plan? That way you can have three people working on three separate files, and know when a change, like moving a wall 10' which affects the site plan.
  4. I wanted to know if there is a way to not only map classes with a saved load file (under class/layer mapping), but to also assign attributes to these classes, i.e. line weights, colors, fill? The main reason for this question is that we get updated civil files from our consultants on a regular basis on a large office mixed use development. Rather than take their file each time and redraw our site plan to have all curbs and parking aligned with civil and have our line weights/colors, I want to be able to take the civil and map their AutoCAD layers to our classes with the attributes we want. If anyone has any other ideas how to handle this situation I would be interested to hear. Dssprat
  5. Gerard, I am curious, with the diamond diagram, are you using design layer referencing (VW Fundamentals) or design layer viewport (DLVP in VW Arch)? I am trying to do something similar. Starting out with consultants plans at top referencing down to our site plan, down to each building on the site plan then to a print file. Any input would be helpful, for I am not sure which referencing option would be best between design layer referencing, or DLVP? Dssprat
  6. Katie, Is the DLVP only available in 2008 Architect or can Fundamentals accomplish this? Also, when I refrence in another 2008 file it prompts me to change the design layer name b/c of a duplicate is this due to our 2008 fundamentals? Can this be fixed with the Architect version?
  7. This is what my office is trying to get to. Where can i find additional post or resources on setting up our projects like this?
  8. J.Johnson & PeterT, Your organization system is different than ours. I am interested in it, b/c ours has just sort of evolved and never had the time to analyze and rework it. We typically have all our information for a project in one VW file. Making each sheet in sheet layer and saved views. We don't utilize any workgroup referencing as you do, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Instead we are trying to make every detail a symbol with record information that can be searched with criteria, so if we are designing a building using wood studs we can search for wood and set criteria for EIFS to generate a selectable list of details that would apply in door, win, roof, and wall details PeterT, In your detail library are you creating each detail on a design layer or sheet layer? J.Johnson, How do you keep your CD set from compiling an abundance of layers not needed?
  9. does anyone know how autocad 2007 imports to vw 2008?
  10. I am in the process of going back into some of our drawings and building a symbol library of our detail's (i.e. service door at cmu with metal furring) Does anyone have recommendations on best practices on how to build such a library? Title, record information, etc.
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