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  1. Found it! I don't know how I missed it.. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂
  2. Is there anyway to click an object and hide the whole class of that object? Or change the behavior of visibility tool to hide the object instead of graying it out? I came across the following thread from 2009 with the same subject but I can't find "Class Invisible" feature in the context click. Im using VW 2019
  3. Kohli

    Japanese Font Issue VW 2019 Mac Version

    @Pat Stanford Thanks for the reply Pat. I'm not very familiar with the encoding of fonts and how it works, but if I understand you correctly, the font shouldn't print (or pdf) but on the contrary, I can make a pdf of the single sheet using print command; but it doesn't work for the publishing. Is there a way to define which font should it replace for only unsupported characters, but keep using the same for supported characters. I can, of course, use a different font but that's not what we want to do.
  4. Hi, We use US version of VW 2019. I'm having difficulty using japanese texts in our file. We were using Osaka font, which comes pre-installed on mac and worked fine. But if we use any other ttf japanse font, it works okay for print command but once we publish pdfs, all japanese characters become boxes. Any way to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    I see what you mean, which means providing as many of such tools in the base package would avoid causing the issues of editability. I hope the future versions include these exclusive additional features in their base package.
  6. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    I tried using the class mapping feature on another occasion while i was on vw2018, it wasn't very user-friendly and eventually, I did things manually. Thanks for reminding though, I'll dig into it again on vw2019.
  7. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Boh Thanks for the script. In my case, I directly import DWGs into my project and add a prefix to imported classes from advanced import settings. :3 Are you aware of any other script which allows me to rename multiple classes instead of ALL classes? 🙂
  8. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Art V sorry for my naive question but how can providing tools which are already tested ok elsewhere cause issues with editability of same file format drawings, because of their geographical locations? I honestly fail to understand the real cause behind it but that's not my concern unless i'm provided a software which helps me focus on my design projects rather than unnecessary programming. 🙂
  9. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Jonathan Pickup I don't see the point of paying for Vectorworks and then program to make basic tools. I'll consider talking to the local distributor nicely though it's hardly useful 🙂 Thanks for your time.
  10. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Jonathan Pickup Thanks for the insight, Jonathan. Is there any way to INCLUDE these additional features whenever not available?
  11. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Boh I couldn't find it in the workspace manager. I use US version of Vectorworks, its surprising such a basic feature has been excluded. Is there a way around, to install it as a 3rd party plug-in or something like that?
  12. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Boh I'm sorry I dont see this on my VW 2019 running on mac. Any idea why?
  13. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    @Jonathan Pickup Yes, Drag & drop is certainly a more intuitive approach to do this. I hope this feature becomes available soon.
  14. Kohli

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    Hi @JimW @Pat Stanford This is indeed a simple way to move classes to subclasses but only efficient when you want to move a few classes by manually adding a prefix. I usually import a lot of DWGs and mostly add a prefix to keep them organized once imported from import settings, but I'm wondering how would you move, say 100 classes to sub-classes if it's not done when importing. I hope I'm able to explain well. Thanks Kohli
  15. @Gadzooks Thanks for the response. It's getting much closer to what I want to create. But does this method allows covering or hiding the frame with the panels (acoustic panel in my case) on one of the sides while keeping the frame visible on the other side?


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