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  1. ANNOYING!! Whats the point in being able to show it on drawings if its too big and you are unable to manipulate it to suit each scale of drawing?!
  2. Hi Alan, Not sure if you found an answer to this questions? We went looking and found this. Joy!
  3. Thank you Alan! Have a great Christmas and New Years.
  4. Thank you Alan This is all so new to me!
  5. Hi Alan, Thanks so much for all your help. Attached is my latest VW file. I had to manually orientate the doors and windows in the design layer, which is easy, and I'm really happy with how it all looks. My only issue now is that the doors and windows seem to just be extrudes and polylines rather than a symbol that I can change and is then reflected in the associated viewport or even in the design layer. This will be an operator issue I know! I'm hoping this is my last question for you!!! Mel Test.vwx
  6. Almost there Alan! The doors are in but on a different plane.
  7. Thank you Alan, I really appreciate this. Please see my file attached. I'll try your suggestion also. Thanks!! Test.vwx
  8. Hi Alan, Firstly, Thank You!! I'm so excited by this Marionette tool! Being the person responsible for door/window schedules I can see its going to save me a LOT of time. I've been playing around with it in the most recent VW and am finding that the doors/windows are not looking the same as yours. Please see screen shot. I've gone through each string/node and "run" each one individually and it hasn't made much difference. Is this something you have seen before? Thanks in advance. Mel - Vectorworks Newbie
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