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  1. Thank you for these caster objects! They were just what I was looking for to build some rolling stage flats.
  2. Tried a full shutdown and reset. Sadly It didn't fix the problem. There is a setting somewhere that is not allowing the data to translate from the OIP to the title block on the drawing. I've tried different title blocks from the library to see if they'd work but they failed too. Thank you for the suggestion though
  3. Hi Jim, I had a problem with my title block disappearing on a new drawing while using 2018 but chalked it up to inexperience. I removed and replaced it and have not had that problem since. Unfortunately there are other problems. I built a custom title block and inserted it into the the old drawing but can't get the fields to update. The info is correct in the Object Info Pallette, but doesn't change in the title block. It works when the block is opened in the file in which I created it but not when inserted into another drawing. Opening a new project and attaching a different title block doesn't seem to update info either. Very frustrating
  4. Hi there, I'm having the same problem JohnF did two years ago except with shelving. I've created a wall and properly inserted three bookcases into it but when I go to render in open GL while using a right isometric view the bookcases only show the outline of the face with no depth. same problem rendering in Hidden Line. I tried copying it to a new document and creating a new wall with an inserted standard door but all with the same results. The Wall insertion mode is on. Is there another toggle I'm missing? I'm using Vectorworks 2018on a win7 64 i5 computer
  5. Hi all, I had an odd corollary to the disappearing border and title block. I was trying to export a sheet layer to a pdf file for printing at an off site printer. The border was present on the sheet layer as I hit export then disappeared in the both the vectorworks drawing and the pdf file as the file transferred. The border just moved off the drawing and I can zoom out, find it and put it back. The drawing is set at the universe 0 origin. I was eventually able to make it work by exporting to a new file instead of overwriting an older version. Obviously I found a workaround, but I don't understand why it moved in the first place.
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