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  1. I have sent the file to them hopefully they will be able to solve the issue. Thank you for your help
  2. Hi Jim In a new document with a new wall the window works as it should. If i copy a wall and window from the document i am having issues with into the new document it works. If i import the layers and objects from the original file the same issue occurs. I have just added a signature with details.
  3. I am currently working with Vectorwork 2016 and the window tool is snapping and locking into the walls and showing in the wire frame 3d but disappear inside the wall in openGL. I can make them appear as they should if I make the drawing a symbol. I feel this is a glitch but am hoping that I’m doing something wrong as I would like to use the model to produce elevations although without windows its not possible. If anyone can shed any light on this that will be great. While I'm on the wall subject i am also finding that sometimes when working in top/plan view and i move an existing wall doors and windows start to disappear. As you can imagine it very irritating when i have placed 10 windows and they all disappear when i move/lengthen a wall. Thank you John


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