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  1. A node like this would definitely be a major advantage. It would allow for easier and larger networks, instead of starting new networks with the Objs by Crit node. Unfortunately my python skills are not sufficient to write it myself. Maybe later!
  2. Hi Marissa and Pat, This is a very useful network, I would have never thought of this construction by myself. Just to get rid of the error, i replaced the if node with the Filter node. Wouter CompareObjectsForOverlapping - filter node.vwx
  3. @Marissa Farrell @Alan Woodwell Hi, the file '1objectnode2records-01 - worksheet.vwx' has been very useful to me, thanks a lot. The only thing that bothered me a little is that I had to rebuild the network to transport the data to a worksheet for different ranges of data. I think I have fixed that using the chunk list node and the mix node. Now there is a wrapper that fills any worksheet with a list of data, as long as that list is organised neatly (values ordered A1, A2, A3, A..., B1, B2, B... etc.) The attached file has three separate marionette networks. The first creates a number of objects, the second marionette network attaches records to the objects and the third marionette network puts the record data in a worksheet. All networks should work for any number of objects, and are easily adaptable for added record fields. Kindest regards, Wouter van Boekel Basic_MarionetteNetworks_Records_and_Worksheets.vwx
  4. Hi, For urban design/masterplanning I would like to have a road-tool. The Landmark tool is useful for garden-paths, but only has a certain width and kerbs. I would like to have a tool that can consist of a median, asphalt and shoulders. I have made a useful tool using Marionette. With control geometry and offset I can make a road layout with open polylines. But for visualization and area calculation I would like to have closed polylines. I have made a tool that works using a custom 'compose'-node from this forum. So far I think this is the only option available to join several polylines. Unfortunately the compose node results in an Error when I convert it to an object node/use control geometry. See the attached file with three different examples. Is there maybe someone that can help me with this compose node? I have already tried a few different kinds, but none seem to work yet. ok, and while I am here: are there also nodes available to set drawing order? Wouter Test_control_geometry.vwx
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I think we will all update to 2018 in our team next week, so I will try it then. Wouter
  6. Hi all, I am still wondering: is it possible with Marionette to refer to a segment of a NURBS curve or a polyline without converting it to a segmentized NURBS? My goal is to have a 2D grid with curved lines (either NURBS curve or 2D-poly) and I want to offset only parts of a polyline. Say I have a curved line with a length of 200 meter, and I want to offset the segment between 50 and 125 meter. I am wondering, Is there a way to do this without segmentizing the original? Wouter
  7. Hi Marissa, I'm getting started with Marionette for large scale master plans (urban design). It has a lot of potential, and I am trying out many new things. Your comments and files have already been very useful so far. Unfortunately I can't open some of the files, like this one. Do I need to upgrade to Vectorworks 2018 to open this file, or is there maybe another issue? kind regards, Wouter
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