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  1. Do you know if there has been any movement on this? If there's an easier way, I'd like to take advantage before drawing out separate title blocks for each page size. Thanks.
  2. Good Morning, All - After struggling yesterday after switching from 2016 to 2018 I'm in need of some help. The title blocks threw me through a loop but I've gotten that all squared away. Trouble now is trying to add a simple field of "Revised By" into the revision data section of the sheet border. Could someone walk me through this? I'm hoping I'm missing something simple but can't seem to figure it out! Much appreciated! J
  3. I just came back to say never mind... I found that. It's always the simple things... Thanks, Jim!
  4. I appreciate it. File is attached. Vectorworks_Opacity_Issue.vwx
  5. I'm drawing simple rectangles and they're all coming up as partially transparent with a solid fill. The object itself has opacity set to 100% Class opacity is 100% Layer opacity is 100% Other layers/classes are set to Show/Snap/Modify so it's not just being grayed out. I'm lost... Any ideas what I'm missing? Image attached. Highlighted object is in the front.
  6. I'm completely unqualified to answer this question... With that said - I do know that Vectorworks does the majority of its rendering with your CPU not GPU. The GPU is actually used very rarely in the program. Hope that helps at least a little.
  7. I've since found a solution for my problem by adjusting the active layer scale, that worked well. What's funny is that I took a semester long course in Vectorworks in college (taught by a Nemetschek employee) and (from my cloudy recollection) I remember being told to always do your design layers 1:1 and do all of your scaling on the sheet layers. I'm glad I figured this out. Thanks for your help everyone!
  8. I've searched for this but can not seem to find the information I need. Our company is doing a decor installation with quite a few different types of holiday ornaments. There are a few different shapes but each of those shapes varies in size, color, height, etc... I'm looking for a way to set up a label legend with all of that information that I can use to make a plot with a label legend. I know I could create new "lighting objects" and then assign parameters through the label legend manager but that seems like a work around. If there's a functional way to create a custom container object containing all of this data away from turning them into lighting objects, I'd love to know how. Any help would make my day better. :-) J
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread but I have what I believe is a similar (or maybe the exact) problem. I've created a number of symbols on a 1:1 scale. I want to be able to put those symbols into a sheet layer as details and match the sheet layer scale. We are attempting to have annotations pre-loaded into the symbol so we don't have to redraw those each time. The end goal here is to create a template that users can open and have everything they need located directly in the template file - including symbols (although I'm not sure that's possible). Could someone try and help me figure this out? I'm a bit lost. I've attached a example file with some of the many symbols I've created if that's helpful. Cheers! Example.vwx
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