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  1. AMAZING! I knew I was missing something! thank you SO much! N
  2. Hi Jim, thanks so much for your reply. I'm having trouble applying the texture so that it isn't tiles/ repeated. am I missing something? Thank you! N
  3. Hello, I've been pulling my hair out for a couple of weeks- I'm trying to render the interior of a gallery- I've modelled the frames and figured out how to do the lighting (sort of) but for some reason however I do the renders the images inside the frames are not showing. I've tried drawing a rectangle (set working plane) and then imported a jpg via the resources browser then applied it to surface and amended the dimensions to fit- looks great in open gl- but when rendered they are not showing. I've wondered if it is perhaps because its a rectangle surface and not a solid so I have tried extruding it to make a solid and applying it as a texture but it is a tiled texture with repeats. When I untick the repeat I can't seem to get it in the centre or at the right scale. Can anybody point me in the direction of where I'm going wrong? I've investigated using it as an image crop but I don't want it stay in a fixed position. I'm using VW 2018- fundamentals and spotlight Many thanks! N
  4. Hey all- I managed to get there by going back a few steps and re-drawing the squares. I think perhaps the shape I wanted to subtract from the solid was not 100% aligned on the face of the object and that could have been the issue. All sorted now but thank you so much to everyone for your tips! Have a great day
  5. Hello all, Thank you for your responses. I've checked the following: - all objects are on the same layer - objects are not grouped - The central object is solid object (not nurbs) I have the spotlight 2017 version of VW if that limits my access at all? Otherwise anything else to try? Thank you !
  6. Hello all, Fairly new to VW and doing some tutorials to try and understand the 3D modelling tools a little better. I've got stuck and haven't managed to find any other posts which could solve the problem. I'm trying to use 'subtract solid' tool- I've highlighted the objects and the subtract solids option in model bar is greyed out- scene shot attached. Any tips? Many thanks!
  7. Hello all, I'm a newbie to Vectorworks having moved over from other 3D and 2D software. I need to model some custom picture frames- I have worked out how to do this using the profile along a path tool. However, what I would like to know is: is it then possible to make this profile/path object parametric so that we can copy/paste it for different size pictures and then input the size frame we need? To make a new path for every picture would be very time consuming! any tips much appreciated N
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