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    Batch export PDF

    plus i've found when i "print to PDF" with large files (10Mb+) there is a strong possibility of crashing and it takes an age while exporting is almost instant.
  2. All PC's ... and no It happens infrequently but when someone has had a problem rebooting their pc seems to solve it.
  3. We are working over a network and have the following problem. Say someone opens a drawing works on it saves and closes it. When someone else trys to open that drawing they get the "already open" box and are allowed open it as read only. This only happens on some of the computers but i don't know how to fix it. Please help.. VW12 Architect on Windows XP
  4. We have upgraded the entire office in the last week to VW12 architect. Were using the basic version of 11 but the fudamentals upgrade choice was not sufficent for our needs. While a lot of the features are welcome there appears to be a problem with some of the stations speed. We are guessing that the output from our staff at these stations has dropped 25% due to the slow nature of VW12. eg. performing a cut from one drawing and paste in place into another drawing (with not a lot of items selected)the user counted 14 seconds watching the timer icon until it completed the task. This might not sound like a lot but over the course of a days work can add up. We are operating over a network but it is the same when working on a drg on the desktop The PC is relatively new and the spec is as follows: Windows XP 2002 intel® Xeon 2.8 Ghz with 1 GB Ram Anybody else having this issue
  5. Katie, How do you do batch printing? Do you need to set up the sheets in any special way? is there a tutorial available for the uninformed? Tanx BAZ
  6. Bruce, its Sorted...You're a genius! (wrecking my head for months) BAZ (PS know anything about batch printing? see my post in the printing plotting section of this board)
  7. I'm sorry if this has been explained already but I have recently upgraded to VW 11.0.1 and dont know what batch printing is? what advantages does this have over regular printing? how do you do it? do you need to set up the drawing in a special way? Help would be much appreciated. TA BAZ Win2K
  8. I have drawn plans of a parking structure and laid out the parking spaces using the VW parking space pio. The problem occurs when i bring this layout into the main GA layout drawing using a workgroup reference. The numbers on the parking spaces becomes massive and blots out the whole drawing. this also occurs with the text on detail ref. markers that are on the workgroup reference? When i go back into the original plan they are ok. How do i stop this happening? BAZ Win 2K VW11.0.1
  9. katie, I have imported a sketch which was scanned and saved as a .bmp. When i try and use that trace bitmap command it just outlines the extents of the bmp with a rectangle. could you explain what im doing wrong or do i have to do something with the scan before importing? BTW this was the first i ever heard of this command......would save a load of time if i can get it to work. Ta, BAZ VW9.5(for two more days)Win2K
  10. you could ask the lighting consultant to draw a polyline on his drawing around the outline of the rooms. then when his drawing comes back to you with the lighting it should be a simple job to line the two drawings up.
  11. Thank you all.....the costs are in and it appears we are taking the leap. A bit worrying the heads up on possible loss of speed, considering we are loading it onto existing hardware (Pentium 3's Win 2000). Will let you know the final outcome when we are up and running. By the way, what is the "nudge" command?? this sounds a bit inaccurate for such a precise dicipline!
  12. We are a small company and are expanding to incorporate another 3-4 users. We currently are using VW9.5 for Windows and are debating upgrading to VW11. Due to the size of the company we cant afford a lot of downtime.The question i have for users is have all the (crash causing) bugs been ironed out of 11 at this point? Or should we wait for further updates? Input would be appreciated.
  13. We have a small office in Ireland and need to add another two workstations. Currently we are using VW 9.5 on PC and due to economic constraints it is unlikeley, however desirable, that we will be updating to VW 11. Our problem is our supplier has said that VW 9 dongles are no longer available?? Is it possible to buy them second hand.....anyone got them for sale?? i can be contacted by reply to this post or on blyons@daltonandodonnell.com Thanking you BAZ
  14. I currently have VW drawings which are 12Mb and need to send them to various agents as a pdf file for Advertising brochure printing etc.2 questions: 1. What is the best way of converting files to pdf as there seems to be a loss of the image by cropping? 2. I have heard from someone else in the office that when the files are so large there the drawing just hangs? I have checked the "how to" forum but i cant find any solutions. Thanks in advance BAZ
  15. I see from the press release on VW 11 that it has a batch printing facility.. how does ths work?? Also is there anyway to create .plt files from VW as my outsourcing location for printing uses OCE repro desk for printing large volumes of drawings. This is usually only set up for Acad plt files but I am hoping that VW 11 can handle this? Reason I am posting this here (and not on the printing section of the board)is i am hoping for a quick response as i will very soon have to print 96No. A1 drawings x 26 copies of each on an old HP450c. incl folding and collating I am getting old at the very thought..........
  16. Odd one this, One of the guys in the office had his wall palette undocked and when his kids were in the office they managed somehow to push it off screen completely. it is checked in the pull down menu but cannot be accessed. it cant even be seen on the extremities of the screen. Is it possible to get it back without reloading VW VW 9.5.2 WIN
  17. We are curreently reviewing our entire office operations. A question has come up as to whether we should upgrade the office to VW10 from VW9. I know this question has probably been asked before but could technicians/ draughtspeople who have been using VW9 as a 2D draughting tool comment on whether it any better than VW9 at producing working/ production drawings in 2D. Also if there are any particularly great new tools/commands that would help me convince the management of the benefits. Apologies for the rambling nature of this post...i need a holiday!!
  18. We have receantly completed a working drawing package for a client who has now sold the site to a developer. We are obliged to give him the drawings on digital format but do not want him to be able to change them even if he has a copy of VW. Is there a way of permanently locking a drawing s it can be viewed printed but not edited even with a full version of VW. A reply would be most appreciated urgently!
  19. ok Katerina downloaded script!! now what?? How do i get them to work? is there a particular folder that they should be stored in?? I have downloaded a number of scripts from the depot that i think may be useful an idiots guide to installing scripts would be helpful please.
  20. ..... under the vectorworks preferences - display section? the way this works currently is pointless. I can see why you would wish to be able to differenciate between different thicknesses of lines to see how a printed drawing will look when complete, but some of the lines when drawn, ie .5mm thick, end up looking stupid on screen when you zoom in. this could also lead to very inaccurate drawings as you just end up with a black mess on screen. it would be far more beneficial if this command was adjusted so the lines were the correct thickness in relation to each other regardless of zoom? ie always .5mm or whatever on screen VW9.5.2 Win 2000
  21. As another option create a layer link to the plan layer and rotate that, Why do you need to do this??
  23. I have done a rough plan of a shopping centre with rectangles of solid colour representing the different units. these are not done by class colour. the problem is when it is brought into the site plan by means of a workgroup reference the colour disappears ie just plain rectangles with none fill?? i dont know if making the colour the class colour would help but it is not very practical due to the large number of classes i would require for a very small problem. Solutions appreciated. BAZ
  24. GA, if i understand the problem correctly What i think you need to do is reference the floor plan into the cross section file first then create the layer link in the cross section file not the floor plan file hopefully this should work
  25. Also you can add the areas of a number of closed 2d surfaces. if you highlight all of them the total combined area appears on the object info pallette.
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