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  1. I'm not sure if this is a VectorWorks issue, Epson issue, Mac OS X issue, and/or Gimp Print issue.... but maybe someone here could shed some light on this: I'm using: VectorWorks 9.5.3 on Mac OS 10.2.3, and printing to an Epson 1280. I have a number of computers sharing this printer. I usually need to print my documents at 50%, on 12 x 18 paper, in landscape format. The Epson 1280 doesn't list this paper size, and doesn't cooperate with printing VectorWorks documents on this size when it is set as a "custom size" (documents are rotated and only print partially.) There is an updated driver for the 1280 that fixes this problem (by adding this paper size to the list), however it does not work for network printing, so I cannot use it. The updated driver that is available for network printing does not fix this issue. So I downloaded Gimp Print and Ghost Writer, and encountered the following problems: 1. Documents printed from VectorWorks seem to be properly placed and scaled when I specify smaller page sizes, but when I specify 12 x 18 paper (or larger) I either get nothing printing at all, or I get the same old partial, rotated prints. 2. Fonts I used in VectorWorks get substituted with the wrong fonts when I print with Gimp Print. I know that this is not a problem affecting only specific VectorWorks files, because I have created new files as test cases and have the same troubles. So: does anybody know what the problems may be caused by, and what I could do to fix them? Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. There's an idea! Though it would get tedious rotating it back and forth.... Perhaps I can design a custom monitor rotating platform that will tilt it back and forth for him.
  3. BAZ: ok, I'll try that.... Why do I need to do this? Well personally I don't, but someone in my office insists he needs to be able to work on drawings "from the end, like I could if it were paper." Only trying to make him feel comfortable with the software.
  4. Is there a way to temporarily change my plan view by 90 degrees? All the view options seem to rotate only the 3D elements. I just want to be able to work on my file from a view looking at the right "end" of the plan, including rotating the text and other flat elements.
  5. Katie: the same 2 printers are set up on both computers, and one or the other would have been selected when I saved the file on the first computer. On the second computer I get the same problem regardless of which printer is selected. Sarah: your about the menu command for resizing the page works - thanks. I haven't yet tried your idea to export to VW 8 and then open again in 9....
  6. We're using Vectorworks 9.5.3 on Mac OS 10.2.3. I made a project template on one computer, on which it works just fine, but when I moved it to another computer it developed a problem: the "page setup" dialog will still allow us to change the size, layout and scale of the page, but the page size outline on the screen will not reflect this change in any of the files created from this template (the page outline seems to be permanently stuck as a Super A3 sheet, in landscape format, at 50%.) Any ideas on how to fix this? Both of these computers have CarbonLib 1.6 installed.
  7. Thanks for the replies! I would like to go with creating pdf files to send to the service bureau. Unfortunately the service bureau that we need to use is unyeilding in its requirements for .plt or .tif files ONLY. They're plotting on an Oce printer and claim that they cannot use pdfs or any other type of image file. We are on Macs, using OSX. We're also concerned about preserving our fonts and such. We'd strongly prefer not to have to buy additional software (like MacPlot), so it seems difficult to make .plt files. I've been running tests on a friend's copy of VectorWorks and am finding it difficult to make a tif file that retains the scale of the drawing at the same time as having a high enough resolution. One problem I'm having is that when directly exporting a tiff from Vectorworks I always seem to get the sheet in the upper left corner, surrounded by blank white space, rather than the sheet at the size that I requested. Why is this? I'm able to export properly if I choose a targa, pict, etc., but then to change this to a tiff I need to take it to another application (like PhotoShop) and the scale often changes... I've also made some attempts to export an EPS to Illustrator, with similar scale issues by the time it gets to the tiff stage! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  8. We don't have VectorWorks yet but we're considering it. We would be plotting through a specific service bureau that has informed us that it will only accept .plt or .tif files. It seems to me that tiff files of architectural sheets would be rather large, and my experience with other CAD applications is that they don't usually create very readable tiffs anyway... But a current VectorWorks user has told me that I can't make .plt files in VectorWorks - that I would have to write to .pdfs and go through some multi-stepped process in various applications to accomplish this.Is this true?What exactly is involved in creating .plt files in VectorWorks, how long does it take, and are the drawings likely to retain all information and look like what I see on the screen?Thank you for any info!
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