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  1. Is it Windows? I am not any kind of Windows expert but Start menu/ All Programs/ Vectorworks/ open folder, right click on Vectorworks, select Open File Location. Scroll up to the folder Plugins. Create a new folder with any convenientt name example Export SVG. Place the plugin in that folder. Restart VW.
  2. I am using this plugin to export VW to SVG into the Shaper Origin tool and of all the options with different software such a Fusion 360, Inkscape, Adobe, etc this is by far the easiest and fastest way. Love it.
  3. Removed, downloaded, and reinstalled. Same error.Should I wait and see how it works for others or is this valuable to you? Don't want to waste your time if it's just me.
  4. Thanks, looked but did not see the instructions. I now have the comand in the Export menu but-
  5. Paolo, I have been using VW from I think 1986 (it was MiniCad 2 at that time) but have never before installed a plugin. I extracted to widows file path: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2020\Plug-Ins then restarted VW. Can you describe or point me to a description of the next steps? Thanks
  6. Hi Paolo, Thank you for your efforts. With the very first examples you sent most of the shapes worked fine, and I think you could consider reverting back to that format if you have added code that might not be required. I think you should complete the plugin and when I have it installed I think I can make it work. Looking forward to the final product.
  7. Paolo I could not get any of the files you sent to work. Attached are SVG files that do work. I have two ways of getting to an SVG from VW. First way is DXF to Fusion360 then export with the Shaper plugin. The files below 'Prandina exact' and 'Shaper Exported Geometry' were made that way. Second way is to export PDF from VW to Inkscape then save as file type SVG (Not InkscapeSVG). "Prandina 2' was made using the PDF/Inkscape method. The results are very different but both work. The resulting files are OK, but not as good as I would like. I think your plugin will be much better when it is finished. Prandina 2.zip Prandina exact.zip Shaper Exported Geometry File.zip
  8. Paolo, the text files continue to fail. I have made 2 files and request you convert them to SVG with your plugin. They have been set up with the correct color coding for cutting. The first has text and the second has text that has already been converted to polylines. I also tried to attach an SVG file but that is not a listed allowable file type and it refused. Not sure how you are able to attach SVG's. PolyTEST.vwx textTEST.vwx
  9. Same result with the update file. The Shaper CNC doesn't use stroke width as that is determined by the size of the cutter, so the 10 lines at the botom of the Geometry file come in as identical lines of the same thickness. I will send the SVG to Shaper and ask them to comment.
  10. Here is more detail. I ungrouped the drawing and tried loading/cutting each individual element. The first two rows and the lines at the bottom are great. The truncated circle and the letters A B C, the entire row 3, will not place in any combination or alone. The truncated circle has an additional element, a sort of shadow, hidden behind it, but removing it does not help either. I think you are close to something good here.
  11. Paolo, I tried Geometry and it loaded into my Shaper Origin CNC- it looked good up until I tried to place the design for cutting- then it rejected the file format. I have never seen this with a file before-usually they fail to load if they are bad.
  12. Paolo, This is very interesting. Comment, you say that texts cannot be exported to SVG, and that is common to a great many SVG export options, for obvious reasons. But in most cases I have run across, if you select the text and apply Toolbar: Text / Convert Text to Polylines you can get excellent results.
  13. I also am getting more and more need for SVG export, so I am hoping there can be progress on this soon, thank you, Brian
  14. My need for SVG export just get's more important every day. Please Please Please some priority? Thank you.
  15. Jim, I own and use the Shaper Origin. It is a very interesting tool. The file convention path VW to Shaper Origin for me is 1. Make sure the VW file will be accepted: Closed shapes only, convert groups of lines to polygons (Compose) 2. Export DXF. 3. Load Autodask Fusion360 (free), import DXF file into F360, extrude. 4. Use Shaper Origin export tool in F360 to create the SVG file. 5. Upload the SVG file to the cloud (Shaper Hub) into my project folder. The file appears immediately in the machine and can be placed and cut. This may seem long and painful but it is quite fast actually.
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