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  1. Paolo, This is very interesting. Comment, you say that texts cannot be exported to SVG, and that is common to a great many SVG export options, for obvious reasons. But in most cases I have run across, if you select the text and apply Toolbar: Text / Convert Text to Polylines you can get excellent results.
  2. I also am getting more and more need for SVG export, so I am hoping there can be progress on this soon, thank you, Brian
  3. My need for SVG export just get's more important every day. Please Please Please some priority? Thank you.
  4. Jim, I own and use the Shaper Origin. It is a very interesting tool. The file convention path VW to Shaper Origin for me is 1. Make sure the VW file will be accepted: Closed shapes only, convert groups of lines to polygons (Compose) 2. Export DXF. 3. Load Autodask Fusion360 (free), import DXF file into F360, extrude. 4. Use Shaper Origin export tool in F360 to create the SVG file. 5. Upload the SVG file to the cloud (Shaper Hub) into my project folder. The file appears immediately in the machine and can be placed and cut. This may seem long and painful but it is quite fast actually.


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