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  1. Yeah I try to use x as much as possible. But yeah coming out of text editing or in the middle of a lot of cutting and pasting where my left hand is kinda locked down there... Yeah maybe rearranging basic so that the a row of things I hardly use are up at the top by the close button....
  2. I'm using a laser cutter a lot now for making scale theatre scenic design models. I do all my drafting in Vecotworks and have to jump through some 3rd party hoops to convert to svg. A direct svg export that supports basic colors (red = cutting, black = raster etching and blue = vector etching) would be AN AMAZING new feature for me. I saw this discussed in General and that someone at VW was researching it, but I wanted to signal boost that request.
  3. I wish there was a way to lock the basic tool bar in place. I'm constantly trying to click on the Selection Tool and accidentally hitting the little x on the Basic palette, then I have to go reopen that palette and put it back in place. If there is already a way to do this please enlighten me. And it really makes me wonder who is closing the basic palette ever and why?


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