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  1. Hi I'm only getting black and white when drawing, although it's not ticked doc prefs, or VW prefs. Any ideas? Mant thanks, darnold3 diana@dianaarnolddesign.co.uk
  2. Hi About Cloud Services - I have an animation to create on VW 2021 and last week I sent two saved view animations to the VW Services Cloud to render, at high resolution, but two days later got a mesage to say they timed-out, neither was done. There's no reason givien and I've lost that time, which is a setback. So I've gone back to trying to do it on my computer. I have my saved views ready but every time I try to create an animation, the Object info palette comes up with the title 3 Objects or 2 Objects instead of giving me an Animation to preview and then create. Some of my views have different names, is that the problem? I've cleared away earlier animations showing on the drawing but that doesn't help. My 3D model was drawn quite a long time ago with z heights, not a landscape survey terrain, so I can't use the animation path method. As I tried this earlier and views were going below ground, so I gave up with this method went back to the saved view animation. Now that won't work. Can anyone help with this? Many thanks.
  3. Hello, Many thanks for your replies, I was using the settings to set the door parts, in the end I did get door frames though no glass reflections so it looks like they are just empty. I have been working on a 3D view of a garden and a walk through animation, so trying to get it to look as realistic as possible. The file was quite large, despite having the house on a separate layer. I'm wondering if my laptop is the problem it's a Lenovo G510 core i7,a few years old, or should I reload the VWorks program? I presently have VWorks 17, so it's not that old or outdated. As well as not getting any reflections on the glass, I found I would loose the stone pattern of the terrace and the water image when trying to render in Final Quality renderworks, it renderred paving as a flat light blue surface, so had to give up trying with Final Quality renderworks and just use open GLto render, not ideal, (this also happened on a smaller 3D view drawing). The roof command didn't work either, even on a separate layer, so I drew it on another drawing and tried to copy and paste it in. As well as the rendering issues the file was crashing continually. Consequently the amount of time taken to produce the 3D drawing & animation can't be charged for. If I need to invest in a machine with a more powerful graphics card, to try to help these problems, what spec should ideally go for, which will work for large files of 3D work and animation? Would something with vram 4 gig or 8 gig vram be best? Any help would be great. Many Thanks, Diana
  4. Hi When rendering in all types, GL, Custom, Final Quality etc I'm having a problem as doors keep rendering all transparent, no frames looking solid. Door-main Class is set for solid at top of page a and glass as a texture, at bottom of page. On settings door dialog box is set with internal panel glazing, though door persists to look all glazed. I set as class texture, on door dialog box but this doesn't help. Any ideas? Also when rendering with final quality renderworks the hardscape pattern dissapears and leaves a blanck white surface. It's a large file, is this my problem?
  5. Hi On the subject of the door settings dialog box, when I try to confirm my settings, I'm finding the dialog box is too tall for my screen and monitor so I cant get to the bottom of the box to click ok. It seems I can adjust the width of the dialog box but not the height? Can any one help as it's stopping me from adding a door with Style -Glazing class glass panels.
  6. I notice you've mentioned animationworks software, to add on to VWorks. Can I get that as an add on in the UK for my VWorks 17?
  7. Hi All, I'm fairly new to aminmations, I've found using pathway option you only get 5 seconds of time , longer for an orbit. So how do you join these 5 seconds together to make a 2 minute walkthough? Does that need other software, or is there a way to join them together in Vectorworks? I have Coral Draw and photoshop too. Any ideas? My Vectorworks is not the latest version.
  8. Thanks for all your help I will try all these suggestions
  9. Hi Suppport Forum, I'm sending you this image of a rendered kitchen view. Note the Curved breakfast bar marble top has dissappeared, units are now white and the line quality goes down. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks Diana
  10. Hi Support Forum - I have found when rendering the GL render will colour one way, for example the kitchen units will be blue, but then when I render in Final Quality Renderworks items change colour i.e. the units are now white for example in a kitchen view, plus items such as the worktop will dissappear, though a rough looking black outline remains. Then when I save my file as a PDF or Image File the printed line quality is very bad and ruins the view, even though on screen it looks better. Have you any tips or ideas regarding the change of colour, items missing and printed line quality? Many Thanks Diana
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