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  1. Hi, I was just wondering what kind of "systems" people are running VW/renderworks on .. I'm a exhibit designer, so the files aren't absolutely huge, but big enough that the renderings seem to run pretty slow on our computers here at work. Just thinking if we were to upgrade what people might suggest. Right now we are running: Version: 12.5.1 OS: Windows XP pro Processor Type: 1.70 GHz/400MHz Xeon, Dell Precision 530 Thanks!
  2. I have tried a new blank doc.- happens in every doc. I also was using version 12.0, but have updated to 12.5 now and the problem persists. any thought? Thanks! Version: 12.5.1 OS: Windows XP pro
  3. Not sure why this is or how to combat this issue!!! Please help. Thanks in advance
  4. My company wants to get me a new computer and they've come to me asking what I need/want so I can render quicker, etc. !!! My boss already talked to the guy that helps with our server/computer needs... and he is suggesting that to speed up renderings we should look into a new graphics card. Just thought I'd get some feedback from the trusty vector/renderworks users. Sorry for the non-techy lingo, I'm a designer not a computer-tech. Current system: 1.70GHz/400MHz Xeon Dell Precision 20GB Hard Drive Dual Monitors graphic card 1 - ATI Fire GL2, 64MB graphic card 2 - ATI Radeon 7200 series Suggestions for a upgrade or new system and specifics would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if anyone wants other info. Thanks!!
  5. okay so once I do that is it typical that the animation could take up to a few HOURS to complete? Thanks for your help!
  6. maybe this is way too easy.. but ... when you are in the export image file dialogue box, choose jpeg under file type and next to that click on "compression" . Move the slider up to best under quality. Maybe you are already doing that, but if not give it a try. It worked for me!
  7. How do I create a animation that is "rendered". All I get is a animation in wire frame. What am I doing wrong, or is it not possible?
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