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  1. thanks for the response. the standardization (or lack of) does make it difficult. i haven't quite gotten it to perform quite right, but am closer.
  2. I am having some trouble getting some render settings to line up in the viewports. Because my building is set at different angles, i have had to compose the elevations with multiple viewports. However, when i render the elevations in the sheet layer (using fastradiosity and other settings) there are variations in the tone, colors, and intensities). i feel like i have pretty deeply and clearly combed all the variations in settings (textures, lighting, etc). Plus, i am getting these variations when I don't even change any settings (meaning the appearance will change when I hit update and no settings have changed). For example, a door will be rendered with a texture one time, and then it won't be the next. Does this depend on which rendering setting it is on? I am new to rendering and was wondering if there were any other ways to think about this? many, many thanks in advance...
  3. thanks, pete. the problem is that my one continuous section cut varies at different angles, and when i try everything you suggest, the different endpoints always stay perpendicualr, as opposed to 28 degrees or something. I can start the viewport at the desired angle, but then everything is 90 degrees from that, and I can't look directly head on to a part of the building that has been shifted at a non 90 degree angle. I think I am going to cut two different sections at the right angle and then piece them together.
  4. when you say overlapping glass surfaces, what exactly do you mean? i have some windows that are behind each other when looking in elevation.
  5. I am trying to cut a section viewport that is not orthogonal and needs to be set an angle. I can do this just using the section marker without creating a viewport. But, once I use the create section viewport, i can only move the vertices in orthogonal directions. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. okay, thanks so much, Dave. I tried some of the other settings and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference (although there is more consistency). I think i will be ulitmately using final quality radiosity, and it is not quite as striking there as in the other renderings, but you can still see through on a number of occasions. i guess i might be able to change the glass opacity to opaque and set up a texture that is more to my liking. any other thoughts? thanks.
  7. When i am rendering in sheet layers (right now using fast renderworks with shadows), some of my doors show up being transparent (meaning you can see everything behind them) and others show up rendering fairly opaque. i have checked the settings and the view is the same (no styles selected) and the leaf is the same (glass). I am having the same problem with some windows as well (and their settings are the same), and i don't want to be able to see through. As well, all the render settings in the OIP are the same, but for some reason they are showing up different. I feel like i am missing something really obvious...does anyone have any thoughts on what that might be?
  8. Thanks so much for the prompt response. I will give photoshop a try.
  9. Hi, I have a texture of wood I have applied to a door. It is currently running horizontally but needs to run vertically. I have explored the OIP under render and don't have any options related to mapping, which after reading the help section and some other threads should be there. What am i missing? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. Great. Thank you so much for the prompt help.
  11. I am trying to create wall openings, but do not need for them to be doors. Is there a way you can cut opening in a wall like you can in the roof? Two options i have tried are: 1) creating a new wall exactly the size of my opening and then setting the elevation to 8'. It does the job in 3-d, but in plan, it still shows up as a solid wall, even though the elevation of the wall is at 8'. Is there a way to set the height at which the plan reads (ie 4' or something)? 2) used the door tool and selected a cased opening. Unfortunately, I don't need any casing at all, just a clean opening with no door. Any thoughts or other solutions? Thanks.
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