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  1. Hi Pat, thanks for responding. The folder is marked as Read & Write for all users. (System, Admin, Everyone) I am running as Administrator - my machine just has the one account. I hadn't actually tried this before I posted, but turns out the problem only exists with objects I try and download from the 'Vectorworks Libraries' section of the resource manager. If I download something from the 'Subscription Libraries' section I don't have the same error and it downloads and installs fine. Thanks again.
  2. Hi All, I have had a brief look on the forum but have been unable to find a similar issue as having been identified or resolved - apologies if i've missed it and am duplicating. Since updating to SP4 (yesterday) i've had the following error message appear when trying to download a symbol from the resource library. It applies to ANY resource which is available to me but not downloaded. I've tried a few simple fixes (library refresh, restarts etc.) but not a fresh install as I'm on the road at the moment and that's not really an option for me. Anyone else experienced and managed to resolve this issue? Any assistance would be appreicated! I'm logged in as the (only user) Admin on my computer, and running a 2016 MacBook Pro, 2.9GhZ Core i7, 16 GB Ram, Radeon Pro 460, fully updated. Error message reads as follows: Vectorworks was unable to download the online resources from the (XXXXX.vwx). Verify that you have write access to the application libraries folder and try again. (Random resource download attempt screen grab of the error attached too) Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Jim, thanks for the reply - at least I know in principal my system should work OK, so I will try a full reinstall again and see where this gets me. I haven't tried with one monitor to be honest, so will give that a go as well. As far as the drivers go, yes I am very aware that updating drivers is a windows thing and not a mac thing - It would be nice if VW support in the UK appreciated this too and didn't just go through the motions by offering windows based troubleshooting solutions to Mac users. This: "We have seen that assigning Vectorworks its on driver or increasing the driver performance has improved the quality of Vectorworks. We have found a useful link that will help you add Vectorworks (instead of serato) to your programs list: https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202305784-Changing-graphics-card-settings-to-use-your-dedicated-GPU-on-a-Windows-computer-" And this: "We have been informed by the software engineers that the minimum requirement to run Vectorworks 2016 is an i5 processor. This is the likely cause for the software reacting very slowly on the desktop machine. Please see the 2016 System Requirements for 2016 below: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1338/Vectorworks+2016+System+Requirements" Is the full extent of support my VSS subscription solicited - Thanks for engaging a little more Jim
  4. Apologies for the bump, but was just wondering Jim / anyone if you ever managed to identify any similar issues or had any other thoughts about what I could do to possibly resolve my ongoing performance issues? I'm a bit desperate as I move in to another very busy period of planning, and I'm pretty dismayed at the lack of engagement and support from the UK distributor - best solution they could offer was to advise I update my graphics driver software... the 'OS' penny never really dropped with them, but shows how much attention they paid to my system profile report . 8 years of using VW without too many issues, last 6 months have been really painful. Even knowing that other people are running similar hardware set ups to me either with / without problems would help me a bit. Thanks all, apologies for the whine too.
  5. Hi Jim, I've uploaded a short clip using a file I am just starting to work on. What the screen capture doesn't really show is the delay between selecting or editing an object and the fact that the spinning beach ball appears each and every time! The drawing itself is a simple one and even has issues with all the complex objects hidden. Larger set ups with complex scenic elements, more seating and in larger venues compound the problems significantly. Maybe I am just expecting too much! https://vimeo.com/148212963
  6. Thanks Jim - would it help if I did a video screen capture of the issues?
  7. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply. After the installs I did set up with a completely new OS account. No migrations, everything was reinstalled from scratch - I ended up doing a complete format and reinstall. In terms of the issues, the general complaint is very slow response to pretty much all actions and tasks (selecting, zooming, panning, changing views etc), but it is compounded when I am working with more complex files. I find the software hangs (long pause and spinning beach ball) when doing things like editing the properties / going in and out of an object, group or symbol. If I select a number of objects (like 50 tables and chairs for example) I occasionally experience a crash (seems to be the more objects the higher the chance), but it always takes a long time for the objects to become selected and then even longer for the info (numbers of objects etc.) to appear in the Obj. Info palette. Also worth mentioning that I am running VW2016 (SP2) on my Mac Book Pro (10.11.1) which provides a much better experience in general viewing and editing of files. In fact Vectorworks can take up to 4 times longer to start up on my Mac Pro than on my MacBook! The actual rendering performance (speed) however on my Mac Pro is better than my Mac Book. I'm aware this is possibly a bit unspecific... Thanks
  8. Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered off before / elsewhere (I did look, briefly at least...) I'm in a bit of a predicament with my hardware selection and just wanted to get an idea as to whether other users have had similar problems and found any resolutions. I'm running a 2013 Mac Pro (El Cap 10.11.1), Quad Core, Xeon E5 processors, 32GB Ram with AMD firepro D300 graphics and I am having constant, relentless and varying issues using Vectorworks (2016, SP2). Vectorworks UK are telling me that as my processors are E5 instead of i5 that this is causing the problems, but I am struggling to accept that this would cause sometimes even simple tasks to fall over. I'm aware my machine does not meet the 'minimum spec' and can accept some degraded performance as a result, but was not expecting anything like I am experiencing. I'd be really grateful for some anecdotal input from other users who've had similar issues so I can try and work out a way forward. I'm struggling to accept that I'll end up having to use my Mac Pro as the bin it was designed to be rather than a high end machine I had hoped it would be. For what it is worth, I have tried multiple system re-installs (from the OS up). Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi both, thanks for the answers - all rotated as required! Currently constructing my own version as well... Cheers
  10. Hi All, I'm after a solution to a problem which appears like it should be very easy to solve, but I cannot! I am inserting a screen object (65" plasma in this instance) to be hung from a truss and want it to be tilted down towards the audience. No matter what I do VW wont allow me to tilt/rotate in this direction. I can 'rotate' on the horizontal plane but not the on vertical - any suggestions?! I have only recently started to use these symbols, having previously always made my own simple objects which were very easy to manipulate any way I needed to. Any pointers or tips would be welcome! Cheers
  11. Thanks Ray, that's the same suggestion that VW made, but it didn't work. Having tried, it appears my disc is damaged / corrupt. Very disappointed!
  12. I have been trying to install my newly acquired version of 2011, but the process gets stuck on the splash screen that says 'initializing......' Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues? I'm upgrading from 2010 and have tried to install both with and without the old copy and on 2 different machines (iMac 3.6 GHz Core 2 Duo and a MacBook pro 2.66 GHz i7) with the same problem every time. Have been in touch with tech help but no response as yet, so was hoping to get some speedier feedback from the board so I can get playing with my new toy! Thanks
  13. sheeez, OK, so I changed the mapping type to 'Sphere' and problem seems to have been resolved. Geometry is still not 100% but it is barley noticeable. Apologies for all the whining....!
  14. thanks bcd - although the image I showed used text, it is actually logo's I am applying, so the text along path doesn't work for me and I am still left with horribly distorted graphics - unless there is a way to do this with a graphic that I am missing? I resolved the mirroring issue in this particular instance by changing the object to a wall - which then gives me the 'left & right' sides to apply decals (even after creating a 'double sided' object I had so may issues where the decal would appear and I could manipulate it whilst using the attribute mapping tool, but when I exited the tool the decal would disappear no matter what rendering option I used), but I still have the distortion of the decal... I am now going a bit mad... appreciate that as a self taught user I might be missing a trick, but I am usually able to work through these challenges myself without having to beg for help... which is what I am now doing
  15. Hi & thanks for the responses! bcd, that is the process I used when I played around with vw 2008. Now that I have got VW2010, it just doesn't quite address the logo / graphic requirements for some of the work I do. Decal textures would solve many of my logo placement 'issues' if I could just get them to go the places I needed them to, using the geometry of the shapes onto which I was placing them... Cant help but think that I am missing something very, very simple... I have uploaded a few screen grabs and a .vwx file with one of the components that is giving me trouble. Basically, I need to place a series of different logo's onto the front and rear of this particular object. Another challenge I am having is figuring out why the geometry of the decal shifts & distorts (as you can see on the grab) - I have tried different mapping options (cylinder, sphere and plane - perimeter doesn't seem to work) and each presents a new set of problems... but all still present me with the problem of the Decal showing through on both sides... Anyway, if you can provide some advice that would be great. I appreciate there are probably a few work arounds, but again hoping it is something simple or fundamental I am doing wrong which can be corrected. Cheers, D


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