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  1. @ John G, Just used you old PIO in VW2021 and it works but 'see through' and no options for Anything other than a Fink truss so I'll have to revert to the very long handed way 😞
  2. Thanks Christiaan, whilst I remain a micro-practice on micro projects I'll stick with the VWX format then even though they are all (small)BIM. However I hope even as a micro-practice to be working on much larger projects as I know from experience that a single architect, with no assistants, can handle a £10 million hospital project. I'd love to get ack to the bigger projects 🙂
  3. If there are any practice within 50 miles of Kettering or near to St. Pancras station that need assistance on a contract or permanent basis, call me on 01536 522586.
  4. Line-weight, in my experience very few BIM objects in Revit. Revit 'families' is as close as it gets. The reason is that it is not in AutoDesk's or the manufacturer's interests to do so. Vectorworks has a much more 'parametric' basic 'generic' core of objects that speeds up production in line with design practice. Revit 'prefers' designers to be too specific too early. VW opts for updating information during the design process, which is how as an architect I work. Revit prefers the designer to insert and replace with specific products even before they've been specified. The very reason I rejected Revit as my BIM software of choice in the first place. But, as ever, hype succeeds over common sense.
  5. Any Vacancies in London, or East Midlands, for a Vectorworks using architect with 35 years experience? Preferably near East Midlands Line (St. Pancras) or Thameslink Station. I know it is a long shot, but you never know. CV available on request. ARB/RIBA/ACA with PGDip(Arch Cons).
  6. Hi Tom82, I too am looking to find architects in London using Vectorworks. Did you have any luck? LinkedIn was fruitless in my search. It is my software of choice and I've decided to try and continue my career in London. My home in the East Midlands is easily commutable to St. Pancras or any Thameslink Station.
    Thanks Alan, The tutorial makes sense (following translation :-) 'Base board' and 'crown mould' are unknown terms here in the home of English). Once I've adding some skirting, coving and gutter profiles it ought to be valuable and effective tool. I need to learn Marionette as a user. I've been keeping up with computing in Architecture since the mid-eighties but have no desire to change career to that of 'geek', an increasingly annoying factor of BIM that shouldn't be happening. VWA and the various 'add-ons' appear to be the least Geekish thankfully.
  7. I don't appear to be seeing any attached files :-(
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