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  1. As it is now November 14 2020 and MacOS 11 has been released will VWX 2021 work on Big Sur properly now?
  2. Interesting. When opening the file from iCloud it cannot always find the referenced files so I have to complete the file opening without them and then open each and everyone of them from iCloud before the file I want to work on recognises them. So if I read your answer correctly working on the file directly on iCloud is slower than converting it to a project file which can update itself at a more leisurely pace and working on the project file as a 'local' VWX ought to be quicker.
  3. Currently house all my VWX files on iCloud and work on them from there. Now that I have the 10 core iMac i9 I am finding it still a bit slow. Therefore, on the basis that is the internet that is now slowing stuff down is there an advantage in having a project file based on the iCloud in that format and working 'locally' on the VWX file? If I do will the 32GB be enough or do I need to upgrade to 64GB. At the moment most projects are fairly small at under £500,00 construction value.
  4. I currently use Vectorworks with the file I am working on located on the iCloud. Would it be quicker/faster to use a server based project file on the iCloud? Or download the file from iCloud and work locally and then save back to the iCloud at the end of each day?
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