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  1. halfcouple

    Exporting to pdf - vs. image file - file size

    Yes, you are right, converting only the viewport to jpg seems to have the same size-reducing effect as exporting the whole sheet to jpg, and you can keep the pdf-format. But a problem is that you always have to keep two two copies (one with viewport and one as jpg) of the sheets and manage all this, which is quite time consuming when having 20 or more sheet layers. Yes, this should really be a publishing option! I thought "rasterize pdf" would do this, but this seems to do something else and it increases the file size instead. I just wonder if anyone ever uses this option ? Seems to be an ancient leftover from previous versions.
  2. halfcouple

    Exporting to pdf - vs. image file - file size

    Just tested it out: Converting the viewport to bitmap and publishing the sheet does not reduce the file size as long as the bitmap itself isn not reduced in its resolution. But this method is a good way to control file size vs. quality and keeping the pdf-format. A big advantage of exporting directly to image file is that very big plans which won't fit on standard paper sizes can be exported in good resolution and accectable filesize just as a "zoomable on screen overview" especially for smartphones and tablets. In the end it's a question of the purpose the sheet is made for. I'm using the following methods: - hidden line viewports for anything that is flat and / or 2D and has to look like a technical drawing, exported as pdf or dwg - medium Open GL viewports for concept drawings or schematical overviews, or 3D section viewports with clip cube, either as pdf or jpg - final renderworks or "very high open GL" for anything that is for presentation usually for direct print to printer.
  3. halfcouple

    Buttons in OIP

    solved... it seems that VW 2019 can't handle the ancient Windows-Classic Desktop design. Switching to some more modern design letss all checkboxes appear again.
  4. halfcouple

    Buttons in OIP

    Don't know whether this a Windows 7 Problem, a Vectorwoks bug, or just my desktop settings: Since VW 19 I can't see a difference whether butons like "Display Planar Objects" or "Display Extents before Cut Plane" are selected or not. They do what they should do, but I can't see what I have told them to do... Maybe on Mac or Win 10 this screenshot looks completely different ?
  5. halfcouple

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    I'm not shure, but I guess you did not see that after importing you will have two instances of the symbol shown in the resource browser as thumbnails: One ist the (imported-) symbol from your current file whose thumbnail will be shown with the settings of this file, and the other one is the symbol from the library source file which is shown with the setting of the library file. If you want to change the thumbnail view of the library file you have to open this library file, locate the symbol there, edit it and save the file. If you want to change the thumbnail of the file you are just working in you can just edit it there. Depending on which file you edited the resource browser may need a refresh after editing to see the changes.
  6. halfcouple

    Render Cache

    Maybe this helps: For viewport renderings there is a setting in the preferances: Document settings / Document Preferences / Display / Save viewport cache
  7. halfcouple

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    ah, is it the thumbnail views in the resource browser you mean ? I think they simply show up with the classes that were used last time the symbol was edited. To change the class in which they appear, double cllick on the symbol, choose classes as needed in the navigation palette, exit symbol and save file. If the symbols are in a favorite file, open this file, open the symbol, do as above, save file.
  8. halfcouple

    purple background

    hey twk, you are my hero !!!!!!!!!! These inteactive settings were totally mixed up. Pressing the reset button worked ! many thanks !
  9. halfcouple

    purple background

    Help ! I swear: no alcohol, no drugs and newest grafik driver ! Suddenly my VW- background got purple and stayed that way: At first I thought my grafic card is broken but I checked the system with VW 2018 and everything works fine. I must have accidently changed some hidden settings, but can't find which ones. - Preferances/Black background is turned off in my preferances, turning it on leads to a white background but selected items that should be red are white. Anyone knows a way to correct this, or, in worst case, a way to backup and reset all personal settings ?
  10. halfcouple

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    Don't know if thats what you mean: I have made my own truss symbols with two classes inside the symbol, one showing the whole body, and one showing only the achsis of beam and brace. When you set up views only with the according class visibility you can toggle between these views. This is very useful when you have big scales like 1:200 where details like fork ends have no importance and slow down the drawing.
  11. halfcouple

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    Yes, seems to be fixed with 2019
  12. How about this: There should be an option in the select simlar tool settings "This selection affects only objects within the clip cube range". There are often certain objects which need to be selected out, that are in a defined aerea on a layer, but not all of these objects on a layer should be selected. Clip Cube would be the ideal tool to define this aerea.
  13. hi @ all ! I think there was a similar discussion here but can't find it. I have a 2d polygon on the the floor in front of a door and want to generate 50, 200 or 400 people in this area to get an idea how crowded the room is. (Actually it is a crowd in front of a theatre entrance door waiting for doors open) So what is the quickest way to fill this aerea with random symbols and random space ? Thanks much for help !
  14. halfcouple

    Exporting to pdf - vs. image file - file size

    Thanks much for the reply Jim, I often send my clients small drawings together with quotations so they have an idea of what they will get. These drawings should more be good looking than technically expicit. They should be clear renderings, not "pixellated" with as much resolution and with smallest file possible. I know that's a contradiction, but it does not make sense when they get an e-mail on their smartphone with a 50 kB quote document together with a 7 MB drawing file. I thought I could solve this with PDF files when I optimize the export options, but I guess iI will skip using PDF for that in future and will send out jpg. files.
  15. I have rendered a viewport on a sheet layer with 300 dpi resolution. - Exporting this via publish command to a PDF (non rasterized) results in a 5,032 KB file - Exporting this via Export command to PDF (rasterized) results in a 7,688 KB file - Exporting this via Export command to PDF (non rasterized results) in a 9,368 KB file. - Exporting this via Export command to jpg (image) file with 300 dpi resolution results in a 987 KB (!!!!) file. - Konverting the jpg file back to (rasterized) PDF via print command results in a 1,250 KB file that has the same quality as the 7,688 KB file directly exported from Vecorworks. Maybe anyone here knows the reason for this ?


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