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  1. halfcouple

    Exporting to pdf - vs. image file - file size

    Thanks much for the reply Jim, I often send my clients small drawings together with quotations so they have an idea of what they will get. These drawings should more be good looking than technically expicit. They should be clear renderings, not "pixellated" with as much resolution and with smallest file possible. I know that's a contradiction, but it does not make sense when they get an e-mail on their smartphone with a 50 kB quote document together with a 7 MB drawing file. I thought I could solve this with PDF files when I optimize the export options, but I guess iI will skip using PDF for that in future and will send out jpg. files.
  2. I have rendered a viewport on a sheet layer with 300 dpi resolution. - Exporting this via publish command to a PDF (non rasterized) results in a 5,032 KB file - Exporting this via Export command to PDF (rasterized) results in a 7,688 KB file - Exporting this via Export command to PDF (non rasterized results) in a 9,368 KB file. - Exporting this via Export command to jpg (image) file with 300 dpi resolution results in a 987 KB (!!!!) file. - Konverting the jpg file back to (rasterized) PDF via print command results in a 1,250 KB file that has the same quality as the 7,688 KB file directly exported from Vecorworks. Maybe anyone here knows the reason for this ?
  3. I'm just wondering wether it is possible to create something like an object with link attribute on a design layer. Usually links can be opened by Ctrl-Click, but wouldn't it be great to give objects like symbols an attribute that opens an external link, when clicked on, so VW models could be developed as a kind of 3D information system, where people can fly over the model, click on certain points of intrest and a corresponding file or a folder opens ? Ok and here the coolest thing: What if all this could be exported as WebView so this "3D information sheet" coud be used in any browser ?
  4. halfcouple

    replace rectangle with symbol

    Yes, one of those "hidden treasures" 🤩 whats more, this way of replacement can be used the same way as the replace button in the OIP , replacing symbols as well, AND what I was always looking for, it can have a shortcut !!! I'm not quite shure, but its also seems that browsing the symbols is a little quicker than the replace button.
  5. halfcouple

    replace rectangle with symbol

    Hey, that's precisely what I was looking for ! Thanks so much !!!!!
  6. Maybe I'm missing something, but afaik there is no way to select several 2D or 3D objects (rectangles, cubes, Speres, Extrudes etc.) and replace each of them directly with a symbol. Maybe anyone here has a workaround ? Maybe that's something for the whishlist ?
  7. halfcouple

    VW 19 crashes when updating older Viewports

    Usually the red hatch line (called "out-ot-date-border") only indicates that the viewport is out of date. Reason for this is: - one ore more of the corresponding design layers or classes or the viewport settings have been changed. - The document preference "Save site model cache" is disabled and Vectorworks was quit. The "out-of-date-border" can be enabled/disabled in the documents preferences too.
  8. halfcouple

    VW 19 crashes when updating older Viewports

    I'm shure it has nothing to do with the grafic card or its settings. Of course I use the dedicated card. It seems that there are some incompatible parts in the old viewports (mainly section viewports) . The problem disappears when creating a new 2019 file , importing all design layers and creating new sheet layers and viewports again from scratch. But thats a lot of work.... I'ts bad that sheet layers can't be imported similar to design layers. How about having this as new feature for VW 2020 ?
  9. halfcouple

    VW 19 crashes when updating older Viewports

    thanks for the help,- but neither of this works, grafic driver is up to date, creating an new user folder brings no result. There are still random crashes when updating viewports of files migrated from previous versions. Very bad... 🙁
  10. I have some files that were created in VW 16 or older, updated anually until VW 18 and now I can't update the viewports in 2019. VW randomly crashes when pushing the update button. Anyone has the same problem ?
  11. halfcouple

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    Hi, sorry to disturb the "high level worksheet configuration discussion" at this point, but to my experience the amount of spare units usually does not follow exact mathematical rules,- its often a question of availability and/or transportation space. So my general "quick and dirty solution" for spare parts is simply to drag and multiply them on "spare parts layers". In that way it is even possible to generate spare part lists and/or general packing lists including or without spare, and as well make different layers and worksheets for different cases/transportation units. Maybe that helps... 🙂
  12. halfcouple

    Wildcards in Resource Manager

    It seems to need precise matches and ignores caps. Just stumbled over this: "fork lift" brings no result "lift" brings everything that is NOT a forklift "fork" or "Fork" works "forklift" or "Forklift" works too. not really logical...
  13. halfcouple

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    great ! Imagine: I get my car out of the garage where they made a general maintenanace. I notice that the driverside door does not open. Asking for the reason, I get the answer: 'Sorry we broke the key inside, but the latches have gone out, new latches will be delivered when the new car model is released. But we are glad that we sold you such a good car, it has the sensationell big amount of 5 doors. You still have 3 doors and and a reardoor, which you can use for the next half year...' 🙄
  14. halfcouple

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    Don't know if the reason is really service pack 4, but I cant see locus points anymore. No matter how the setting in preferences is,- they are not visible until I select them. A new locus in a new document is only visible as long as it is selected. Anyone else has this problem ?
  15. halfcouple

    callout tool stopps adding leader lines

    Thanks much for this response, meanwhile I guess I found the solution: For some reason the pen opacity of the leader line was set to zero. That's difficult to find since you can get access to this button only after creation of the callout and VW seems to 'remember' the setting as general preferance. Setting it back to 100% and saving the file works.


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