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  1. is there a Viewer 2018 available ? Or do I have to convert my files to 2017 ?
  2. I tested all this a lot. As final conclusion I gave up using any images in reports. This function is buggy, slow and not worth spoiling so much time to get it running.
  3. Hi Mark, I got this answer from Pat when I postet this topic some time ago: So the class selection for thumbnail pictures in reports is not only poor in VW 2018, it also seems to have a bug....
  4. The main problem with this method is that nudging steps are counted as operations, so nudging objects may result to several backups in a short time depending on the backup settig.
  5. Just tried to open a webview index.html file on an older I-Pad, which failed (of course...) I thought I could use this for smaller projects on the building site without printing paper sheets. Anyone here who has experience with that ? Any recommended hardware / operating system / software ? As far as I can see Nomad does not work offline on a tablet device without login into the VW cloud...or am I missing something ?
  6. the clip cube can be positionend around selected objects. - select several objects - select View/Clip Cube However, this does not work when using the shortcut ( Ctrl+Shift+ALT+Q), VW then resumes the last Clip Cube position.... Bug or feature ? (usually I expect a shortcut to do exactly what the menue does...)
  7. Hi Pat, thanks much for your help, and don't feel stressed ... All I wanted to know if I had overseen some feature or workaround for the pagenumbers. So now it's clear: It's not possible without external software.
  8. Hi Pat, uups, sorry, diddn't update my old signature. I'm on VW 2018 ... I think title blocks are used for sheet layers only, not for reports ?
  9. Hi @ all, is there a way to print page count on reports sheets ? is there a way to have page headers / footers or at least have the report header/ footer repeated on each page ? Anyone who ever made handwritten notices on reports and afterwards let all papers of different reports fall on the floor may feel my pain....
  10. I started working with computers in 1990, so it took me 27 years to learn this... So VW seems to be the nitpicker among CAD programs....
  11. YES, true words spoken, its of part of day-to-day business, and coffee-costs for waiting VW to finish rendering raise to exponential hights.
  12. Hi @ all, I just tested this method, and it's great! That was what I was looking for.....almost.... the only bad thing about it, is that all line colours are lost. I use the line colours to indicate connected parts and Types.
  13. Ok, christmas was a little joke. I'm happy with small improvements, so it's great to know that the problem is notified and will somehow be processed. @zoomer : I generally do everything in 3D and I would love to get rid of all this 2D conversion, but when it comes to practically explain details, a 2D paper sheet (or PDF) ist still the "lowest common denominator of technical communication". @Chih-Pin: Yes, of course the standard HL looks better, but as a first step it would be great to have the fast HL Modus as option available. It's absolutely ok for daily fast work. If I want better quality I can still switch to standart HL.
  14. That sounds great! Can we have this for christmas ?