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  1. halfcouple

    Wildcards in Resource Manager

    It seems to need precise matches and ignores caps. Just stumbled over this: "fork lift" brings no result "lift" brings everything that is NOT a forklift "fork" or "Fork" works "forklift" or "Forklift" works too. not really logical...
  2. halfcouple

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    great ! Imagine: I get my car out of the garage where they made a general maintenanace. I notice that the driverside door does not open. Asking for the reason, I get the answer: 'Sorry we broke the key inside, but the latches have gone out, new latches will be delivered when the new car model is released. But we are glad that we sold you such a good car, it has the sensationell big amount of 5 doors. You still have 3 doors and and a reardoor, which you can use for the next half year...' 🙄
  3. halfcouple

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    Don't know if the reason is really service pack 4, but I cant see locus points anymore. No matter how the setting in preferences is,- they are not visible until I select them. A new locus in a new document is only visible as long as it is selected. Anyone else has this problem ?
  4. halfcouple

    callout tool stopps adding leader lines

    Thanks much for this response, meanwhile I guess I found the solution: For some reason the pen opacity of the leader line was set to zero. That's difficult to find since you can get access to this button only after creation of the callout and VW seems to 'remember' the setting as general preferance. Setting it back to 100% and saving the file works.
  5. Don't know what happened, but I cant edit the leader lines of the callout tool anymore. I'm in SLVP annotations, inserting a callout, after inserting, the leader lines sticks horizontal and cant be edited. The callout always results in a textbox with horizontal line. Also I can't add a new leader line. After clicking "Add new Leader Line" I can draw it, but after double clicking the endpoint the leader Line dissapears. This also happenes with a new (blank) document. I thought that I have accidently changed some settings...(maybe visibility settings), I checked all options,- but can't find what's wrong. Anyone here has a clue ?
  6. halfcouple

    screen plane only

    Thanks for all your help ! The script seems to do exactly what I need :-) I have to correct myself,- since SP 3 the problem that files do not keep the setting to 'screenplane only' after closing seems to be solved. Anyway, I still do not understand precisely when the program decides to switch to 'Layer plane' or 'Screen aligned' ignoring of what is set in the documents preferances. Is this only when 2d Objects that are in 3D plane are moved or otherwise operated ? Can't find any fixed rules for that, is it arbitrarily, or is that what people call A.I. ? 😉
  7. halfcouple

    screen plane only

    After having again spent a lot of time correcting 2D move by point operations that were accicdently made in Layer plane modus I wonder again if this inexpressively horrible nuisance will ever be corrected. But meanwhile, as a workaround (until release VW2028, which I suppose will finally have this bugfix... 😉 ) , maybe it is possible to have a script that sets the option back to "screen plane only" by one shortkey instead of the 4 clicks 'screenplane/options/screenplane only/ok' ? Anyone knows how this could work ? Another workaround could be if this setting is somehow saved together with a saved view ?
  8. halfcouple

    Coordinates to text label

    Hi markdd, great! I'll check this. Meanwhile I'm wondering wether I could misuse the hoist tool for that...
  9. halfcouple

    Coordinates to text label

    Hi, I want to read out the 3D coordinates of certain positions in my drawing and note them on the drawing. Just at the moment I'm clicking on an object that has its center in the position I want to label, copy the x,y,z values from the OIP and paste them to the drawing beside the object. That's ok for 10 objects, but maybe anyone here knows an elegant way to do this for 100 or more objects ? Maybe it is possible to create a Marionette that produces a label with each click similar to the 3D labels in spotlight fixtures ?
  10. - select a symbol - press 'replace' in the OIP => the resource browser opens with minimized 'symbol pane' The pane has to be rezised to view the symbols - select symbol to replace. - repeat procedure => pane has to be rezised again. Thats very annoying when replacing a lot of objects... Is that a Windows issue or a Vectorwoks bug ?
  11. halfcouple

    How to draw transparent LED screen or mesh?

    1.) Simpliest way is to draw one tube as extrude (3D) or rectangle (2D) and duplicate it via "duplicate array" until you have the right size of a panel, group this or create a symbol for a panel, then duplicate the panels as desired for the screensize. or 2.) Import page 2 of the martin pdf ( www.martin.com/Martin.Download.aspx?file=/files/files/productdocuments/11_MANUALS/999/UM_LCSeries_EN_A.pdf ) to vectorworks, ungroup it and use the vectorized part of the pdf as base for re-drawing 2D or 3D
  12. I have this issue with other fields in the title block too, but can't reproduce which kind of fields are affected. Maybe it's with fields that have been converted automatically from older versions. I think an update button is not the optimal solution, the title block fields should update immediately after changes to these fields were made.
  13. halfcouple

    Sheet layer workflow

    Hi Pat, thanks for reply, at the moment my workflow is to copy a sheet layer and fill this with new content ( layer, classes, title). You are right, the more I think about it, it seems that this is less work than managing scripts and "saved views for sheetlayer viewports" whatever form they may have... But I'm really wondering at how many sheetlayers other people produce in a project, since the time spent to produce good sheet layers often exeeds the time spent for drawing the model. What could be a real improvement is grouped layers and sheetlayers, like it works with the classes, so the different construction packages and sections could be packed in their own groups of layers and sheet layers. (Similar to the appropriate prefixes you mentioned) So for example whole groups could be switched visible/invisible, or have attributes changed, which saves a lot of clicking around. ( A wishlist topic ? )
  14. halfcouple

    screen plane only

    That's an old topic, but still not solved: - setting the layer plane options to "screen plane only" - setting document preferences to "screen plane only" - saving the file as template open a new template file: Layer plane setting is on "Layer" Help file sais: "The selected planar mode remains in effect until the next time it is changed." This is not working. Screen plane setting seems not to be stored and kept during a session at all.
  15. halfcouple

    Compose Many lines into Polygons

    ok, just tested it,- the scale has no influence ....