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  1. Thank you much for your reply, that's almost what I expected ... just wanted to be shure I diddn't oversee something.
  2. Maybe that is a topic for the whishlist, but does anyone know wether there is a way to print the name of the publishing set on the sheet layers, or in their title block ? I think the only way to achive this is to define a custom link field, but what is the definition ? Something like #publishing set# ??
  3. As Pat explained, a worksheet can't know that it needs to be updated. Maybe a worksheet can be compared to an excel-sheet that is populated monthly with invoice data, which is exported from an accounts-package-software. The excel sheet does not know that a new month has begun or that there are new invoices that need to be exported. You have to go to the accouts package manually and press the button to export the data.
  4. That's a very good idea ! I guess it's easy to implement, and a real time saver !
  5. Hi Mark, I think I know what you mean, I always use child classes to switch to certain detail levels of presentation, for example switching of the decks of a scaffolding stage to show the underlaying structure or showing trusses only in their axis to project their position on ground plans. Switching forward and backward these classes is always a question of mutiple clicks. My "tool of the day" for this is saved views that only contain settings for classes. By switching between these views you can keep the parent/child structure. Maybe this is what you are looking for ? 😀
  6. My Spotlight files have an average of 5-20 layers and 30-40 classes. Festival projects with 4-5 stages and/or venues would end up in 80 -100 Layers and 40-60 classes, but over the years I used to split these up in several smaller files and reference what I need into a masterfile. So, even Spotlight files can have a lot of layers, indeed. Glad to see I'm not the olny one who fights with bigger amounts of layers 😉
  7. I think that is precisely the point, unregarded how Layers are used. Agree to markdd , this should be a documents preferance, or better, VW should just "remember" the setting when restarted. I dont think it makes sense to have this as a store option in saved views too. You are right, my approach to layers is a bit chaotic, often depending on which information is set to plan first. I often correct stacking orders first when I find out that things are covered by something unexpectedly in a viewport. I should rewiew my workflow to keep at least those parts correctly stacked, that are definitely known as on top of each other. A pre-definded template for that is the right way. But it is not always that simple,- for example, what is the stacking order of the detail layer that shows the scaffolding system for the audience, which ranges from floor to the roof of the venue ? Is it above or under the sidelights ? What if I position a followspot on it's own Layer since it exceeds the floor LX plan viewport with lots of empty space because it is 40 meters away from the stage,- located in the roof of the venue, is it above or under the truss layer, although it's wiring is shown on the floor cable plan ? And what about the additional tent behind the venue for backstage, is that above or under the scaffolding ? When I have 10 or more of these "undefinable layers" it is often useful to quickly locate and sort them simply by name and then do with them whatever I want, for example change their stacking order... 😀
  8. ok, thanks Pat and DBruhnke, thought that already, just wanted to be shure I haven't missed some kind of preferance setting. Stacking order as main sort criterium is a logical thing in architecture, as it results from the construction order. ( Can't build the roof before the basement ) But I wonder if anyone in the entertainment industry uses stacking orders at all, and what for ? For me design layers happen to be arbitrarily stacked by creation date, an alphabetically sorting makes it easyer for example to find a certatin truss layer and do changes on it.
  9. I love to have my design layers sorted alphabetically, unregarded of their stacking order. But every time I open a file the sort order is the stacking order by default. Anyone knows if that can be changed ?
  10. No Angular Dimension tool for 3D surfaces as far as I know ... My proposal for a workaround is: (... quite complicated, maybe someone here has a better solution ?) Angle between two intersecting surfaces (the blue ones in my picture) - draw a third surface that cuts the two other surfaces at the desired measuring lines (the white one in my picture) - use 3D polygon tool to redraw the two intersecting lines between which you want to measure (guess you can use the 3D Analysis tool for that too) - set working plane to the third (white) surface - look at working plane (top view) - redraw the 3D polylines with 2D polylines - use the 2D Angular Dimension tool to measure the angle on this working plane - delete the white surface, the polylines and the 2D lines if needed and keep only the 2D Angular Dimension. Note: My surfaces are 3D polygons, havn't tested this with nurbs surfaces, but I guess this works similar.
  11. Guess this was not really clear, in the end the question is, wether there is a Marionette Node or a script that allows me to open external programs out of VW.
  12. guess this must be a simple thing: is there any way to open windows calc directly from Vectorworks via shortcut ?
  13. one of my daily irritations is the select similar tool. in VW20 it's almost not possible to see at a glance which mode is active: VW19 is better:
  14. like this ? 🙂 Indeed, the new Icons are a plague on windows systems ...


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