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  1. 14 hours ago, Matt Panzer said:

    This setting is off by default for now mainly due to some performance issues that we’re currently working to improve.  

    Is it fair to say , it's not ready for use at the moment? 

    (not that I can get it working yet...)


    Update: looks like 2021 files converted to 2022 don't do it - needs to be new drawing in 2022 to work. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, MarcelP102 said:

    Would https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html be a better plugin to use for this work? Since it comes with a selectable library of profiles wich you can extend with your own profiles. Did anyone tried both plugins?

    I use AF designs gutter, baseboard and downspouts plugins all the time -  very good. I use the baseboard one for soffits and fascia's also, as they can be put into a class of there own. Mouldings plugin is great for wall panelling and the like. 

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