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  1. I was using VWX up to 2019 on my 2015 MBP 16gb, and it was fine running that, sketchup, excel, email, lots of programs running. I bought the 2018 32GB i9 processor MBP a year ago and it's been choking, crashing, slogging....for any other pogram it's lighting fast. But for Vectorworks it gets super slow. I have to restart the computer multiple times a day compared to once a week or so for the 2015. I'm literally looking for a replacement laptop, trying to guage if I should pick up a 2016 or even earlier. 


    From what I can tell VWX's legacy infrastructure is too bloated and drags on the Mac multi-core system....


    I do love Mac, but maybe going back to PC is worth it.

  2. Hi,

    I'm sure this is a simple setting, but I don't seem to have the export to pdf function. When I go to File>export> the drop down list does not give me the option. I have to save as an image and then open the image to save to pdf. 


    I'm running on a Mac. Vectorworks 2017.



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