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  1. Hi there I have a few questions with the new vision 2020 . 1. is there anywhere to be able to access the layers that was created in VectorWorks so you can turn off layers 2. Is there any way of accessing ,’’say shutters in a source 4 profile ‘’ 3. Is it possible to make changes in vision and for Vectorworks to show the update . Any live update capability last of all any good video tutorials
  2. Hi there I have a few questions regarding the new vision 2020. Can it support Kinnessy motors. How do I go about getting multiple inputs from media server for led walls. Is there a way of pre-visualisation of Kinetic balls Thanks heaps Anthony
  3. Hi all, over the weekend I have been getting a lot of problems with the upgrade to Vw18 also the Vision package 2018. Vectorworks Spotlight with a computer spec that I have I would of thought it would run perfect. But totally the opposite Its very slow on a lot of levels and when I push to Vision it crashes. I did a full stress test and benchmark test and it passed with flying colours so I am guessing its somewhere with the software. I have made a list of problems below to try and help I am unsure of how to fix and I have a lot of shows to get done in the next few weeks. Hopefully it a quick fix !! 1. When starting Vectorworks not sure if this is normal but it takes around 4min to load a file. Even just opening VW it. Takes just as long. 2.Push to Vision crashes (so spotlight just locks up & vision just goes to a big white screen. 3. Insert Tool doesn’t seem to work 4. Having to restart spotlight ( after drawing fixtures in top plan view & then going to 3d view some fixtures disappear 5. Align tool crashes the Vw 6.when I go to open GL the screen goes black for 1-2min 7. Rendering to Dash Hidden Line Crashes Vw 8. The build lamp list takes for ever to load but also not adding up right Computer Spec: Intel Core i7 7820x 8 Core LGA 2066 3.6 GHz CPU Processor Corsair Hydro series H100i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair 32GB DDR4 3000MHz Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo 11GB Video Card Asus TUF X299 Mark 1 ATX Motherboard Samsung 250 GB SSD 850 EVO Microsoft Windows 10 home 64bit OEM
  4. Hi Edward thanks heaps for getting back to me. So I am using a window platform to run vision & spotlight. Would you be able to let me know of what external capture cards that will work.? Just on your first answer if I use the led wall tool that also should work too ?? Thanks for your help again cheers anthony.
  5. Hello I am a newbie to Vision only a few days into it. I already have a large show that requires me to have a media inputs to the pre-vis. I don't see to much info on this but i was told Vision can support it. So question 1, how do you config the screens / led walls 2, how to get input to Vision via my media server. Can it be via CITP. Also after reading some of the posts regarding the video inputs to vision i hope it gets fixed really quick or i also have just spent a lot of $$ for not able to Pre-Vis a major part of programming shows.
  6. Well both. So I do all my plans in spotlight and then push it across to vision.
  7. Hi Mark Thanks for your reply but is there any markings on the fixtures to show what is the front of the lights. Cheers 🍻 Ant
  8. Hey there wanting to know how do I Orientate Fixtures so in the real world I can get them rigged the right way So all my pre-programming works 😀 cheers Ant.
  9. Thanks guys I will let you know on how it goes. As I just use computers I don't know the workings of them so thanks for your interest and your replies. Cheers Ant
  10. Thanks for the info I am new to Vision and I am trying to find info on how to manage and make work video walls in the pre-vis. I use a media server as well but unsure of how to get the video input into Vision. Also how can I have more that 1 video input. Thanks for your time and look forward to hear from you. Cheers Anthony Lee
  11. Hi there I have spec a Pc that I am going to build but would love to hear from others to see if this will run VW Spotlight & Vision. My shows are large with a average of 150 - 200 lamps. I also need to be able to visualise led walls in Vision. (do I need any other hardware for this to happen?? Thanks all
  12. Hey Rob that's great I didn't have to go looking too far. Re the symbols I have a large show in a few months with a 135 units. Is there any time frame that I could work in for you to do the updates. Thanks again Anthony.
  13. Thanks for your help. Do you know and contacts from VWs to get new symbols made cheers Ant
  14. Hi I am trying to find the new range of Clay Paky fixtures for VW 2017. Does anyone know where I would find them. Cheers Anthony


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