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I wish that Elevation Viewports have the ability to set the front and back Clipping Plane.

(Without the need to create a Section Viewport)

I have a large wall beside my building and would like to see my building though.

Better add a plane after which Geometry gets displayed reduced or dimmed too.


I want to set front and back clipping planes in my orthogonal view windows directly

too (with % sliders ?)

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Yes, just the simple fast Elevation Viewport that works similar the Top Plan render.

But with a little control what you will see.

Like that Wall beside my Building that I want to see in all Elevations,

except the North Elevation as it blocks visibility of my whole Building.

(Marked as dashed or dotted line welcome also)

Currently this will force me to use a Section Viewport which takes much longer to

calculate, second I'm not sure if I could even get the same look.

The second part is something I've seen somewhere else and is related to many wishes

from others about the need of showing some depth in 2D Viewports, for things that

are far behind, by smaller stroke Thickness or similar, to make 2D drawings better


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