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  1. Of you look on the right hand side in the worksheet the ++ is assigned to rev 1 and on the title block and pop up window is assigned to rev 2. If I have 3 or more revisions then the reverse order will be maintained rev 1 will have rev 9 zone assigned in the worksheet only.
  2. thanks, that pert I know, another question is why revision number and name and date shows properly and all other data shows inverted, meaning "BY", "ZONE" specific to the sheet revision shows in another revision column? In rev pop up it shows the same as the title block and TB Manager, however in the spreadsheet whether ready made from VW or my own it shows in reverse order.
  3. in both issue and revision reports issue data is used for the date, I am trying to use revision date in my set up, I changed the formula but it doesn't seem to work, below first one works and second doesn't, wondering if anybody has an idea how to do it. =SUBSTRING(FORMATFIELD('Title Block Issue Data-1', 'Date'), '/', 1) =SUBSTRING(FORMATFIELD('Title Block Revision Data-1', 'Date'), '/', 1)
  4. True this works, but this is exactly what we USED to do before the on/off switch for wall components was added, so this would really just be moving backward, and re-introducing an old work-around. I'd hate to have to settle for that. My vote is on moving forward towards a more refined system. yes, and anything happened since the last comment? Even if we use classes there is an issue with that too, which I pointed out elsewhere, in viewport class control there is no groups or sets of classes like in the main navigation so that way is too time consuming.
  5. I have been running 2020 on Mojave for almost a year and did not notice a single issue. On MBP and 2 minis, one old and one new.
  6. I have 16" i9 MBP and Architect 2020 and it runs great, the only limitation is the graphics card, rendering time could be better with a better card. But unless you Mac Pro or iMac pro this is the best choice.
  7. it may be a banal question but is there a way to insert a column in worksheet at the right end as opposed before last col on the right? I know the instructions: To add columns to the right side of the worksheet, click and drag the bottom right corner of the worksheet - it makes no sense, clicking and dragging resizes the worksheet window
  8. you need to select the the sheet (click on it) then the option will became available, you can select all and have same option set up for all or do it individually, I would recommend to select all and set one setting, the most efficient (no raster and, perhaps, reduced image size to 150DPI) and see how it comes out, then fine tune it with different settings.
  9. check under publish settings, options whether you have these sheets set to rasterize, if so uncheck it.
  10. you might run onto more problems as you work, I have ru into unresolved issues with rendering and viewport qualities which I enumerated in a post whole ago, no worries now, but if you run into the same problems let me know, the problems are better visible when on a big screen:
  11. Disregard my comment, I didn't see the elaboration on this subject
  12. Usually the great thing about this set up is that you can reverse change the details by inputting the desired value in the window, great for global adjusting of, for instance, window heights.
  13. Double check values of summarized items, usually when they are different a dash will appear
  14. TKA

    Door schedule data

    thanks, now I have a better understanding. Interestingly when choosing other "conditional" values like lights or trim the pull down option menu includes IF but not for transom, that is how I originally arrived at my formula - I think it should be IF by default. Anyway, given this experience I think it would be good for the cell parameters to be accessible in one window like, for instance class attributes, as opposed to in many separate menus, just an idea to reduce number of clicks.
  15. TKA

    Door schedule data

    yes, the cell format was wrong, it was leftover from the original door schedule column which was set to boolean. Many thanks. I noticed another thing which may be a bug of sorts, if transom value is set to more than 0 and transom is inactive it still shows the value as if the transom was there as opposed to N/A.
  16. TKA

    Door schedule data

    Actually, I am in 2020 Architect (need to change the profile) and I copy pasted If from my worksheet and it still yields asterix, when I input the If formula the record switches from "spring" to "transom" which I believe records whether there is transom and not the spring value.
  17. I am trying to have the transom height show up in the door schedule, I picked "spring" from the pull down menu but its only showing asterix. I tried: =IF(('Door'.'Transom'), 'Door'.'Spring', 'N/A') and it doesn't work.
  18. totally agree this is an issue, including the palette position which is not perfect. I work from a laptop, most of the time I have additional big screen sometimes not, when I switch it creates a total mess of windows and palettes. I wonder if there is something like a project/file associated "workspace" that remembers all of it, and preferably int one or two versions depending upon screen set up.
  19. I wonder if there could be improvements: 1. Have a separate button @ top of spreadsheet to recalculate as opposed to scroll down menu. 2. I understand "one way street" with worksheet, but I wonder if a change to any data base object could trigger recalculate button to go red, even if it doesn't belong to the particular spreadsheet - a reminder of sorts update.
  20. Try "option" empty trash, if it doesn't work, sometimes you need to restart the computer.
  21. I ran into this problem in various places (including layer settings), it seems to be fixed on the Mac side. I used to add space after the the name or number which seemed to trigger change.
  22. in different files on different computers light become un editable as soon as I edit it, the name disappears and popup window doesn't invoke edit window any more. I can't even delete this light????
  23. I have a single object in both elevation and section. 1. It appears that the section is actually cutting the object and changing geometry from smooth to faceted, I tested a different smooth object and it was fine when cut, however, 2. Doing a section cut of the test object resulted in correct first view, I noticed some strange shadow line when zoomed icon the viewport, I changed the line to white, well, the section view is no longer updatable, red line around the viewport doesn't go away and 'update' button is no longer red even though the viewport indicated is out of date. 3. When trying to do another section viewport it resulted in elevation without cut mark. I removed, presumably, a corrupt viewport and made a new section viewport, it works but it is faceted again right next to elevation viewport of the same object. 4. Viewport resolution. In model space, of course, everything looks sharp. In viewport, despite setting the sheet raster to 300 dpi it looks like 72 dpi, of course I can go to 600 or 1200dpi but that is simply unworkable.
  24. I have Architect and the current escalator tool is in the Building Shell toolset, you might check in workspace editor whether it is just not active.
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