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  1. Well, I suppose so, "Mr. Marionette" :-) I am just now getting jiggy with the whole node based paradigm because of Redshift, but Marionette has always terrified me. ;-) Maybe now I can wade in a bit. I could never find good tutorials or videos about learning Marionette. The tutorials and such for learning about nodes in Redshift, etc was explained well and although still a bit arcane, like anything....once you know, it is all pretty simple.to wrap your head around.
  2. No....nothing to do with the body of the house. That is another aspect altogether. Just some extrusions, I would imagine. I was just showing an example for the gable roofs implied from the dwg file.
  3. @grant_PD Well, as was the case with VW using 'some' of c4d's Render Engine, regarding Redshift, they most likely would not get the whole enchilada included within VW. So....as you know, pertaining to the whole 'node' paradigm within Redshift, you can still just use the basic material setup, without having to go the 'node' route. Sorry to anyone who thinks I am speaking in Greek, but grant_PD knows of what I speak. :-) I am a Mac guy, so Enscape is not an option for me. :-(
  4. I believe I heard that VW 2022 was going to include some incarnation of Redshift? That would certainly be a good thing. I recently upgraded my Cinema 3d software to version 23, then to use Redshift, I also had to update to Big Sur to take advantage of using GPU processing. All that said, after exporting a VW file to c4d and firing up Redshift within c4d, I was stunned!! For several reasons, incredible rendering speed being at the top of the list, But.... beyond that....the IPR ( interactive preview rendering) window updating immediately in realtime as I moved the camera around, etc, was quite a thing to behold. This helps enormously in quickly seeing how lighting, reflections, etc will look in the final Rendering. As opposed to having to spend 30-40 minutes for a Custom RW Rendering to complete, only to find there were a few things that needed refining or slight tweaking, etc. Needless to say....a lot of wasted time. So.....For the "Roadmap" crew....any thoughts about some form of Redshift actually being planned for VW 2022??
  5. Actually.....you could also save a step by simply using the nurbs curve tool and snapping to the the existing 3d polys to create an angled plane, THEN doing the surface from curves, then using shell. Maybe a tiny time saver.
  6. Well....three steps would get you this pretty quickly:
  7. Oh.. and the texture bed thing. You need to make a new class for that, then assign a color or texture to that class. I will say, depending on the material/ texture you choose the texture bed tool does have an issue orientating the material ON the texture bed sometimes. Also, do be mindful to scale the texture when you create it, so when it is applied it is fairly believable.
  8. @Gro Mariann you certainly can make basic roofs using the 3d poly data in the file, but there are a LOT of those to contend with. That is the only reason I suggested using Massing Models. Also....even if you took the time to do that, to really make things a bit more accurate you would need to put doors and windows into each of all the existing houses....under all the implied roofs. Can I inquire.....what is your end goal relating to all this?
  9. @Boh well done! certainly a viable option. More realistically accurate. I was just assuming that level of accuracy would not be needed. But.....perhaps it is. I guess we need to hear back from GM.
  10. Well Boh....OF course you do....I pay you to give those thumb's up. :-) No, but seriously, if you guys have any suggestions, pipe up. The method I chose was pretty simple and quick, seems to me. Lots of massing models and some texture bed roads. As we all know....VW offers a few ways to do things.
  11. Does my response seem to you guys what Gro Marianne was looking to do? Or did I misread her intent?
  12. Honestly, it was always a bit of a mystery to me why they don't update automatically ??
  13. @Boh Yes, I did forget to reinforce that. Thanks for pointing that out.I always remember, but folks that are a bit newer to VW can forget that pesky update thing.:-)
  14. @Gro Mariann I have a bit of confusion regarding your post. Probably my ancient brain. :-) is this what you want to achieve, note the screenshot below)?? This is a pared down version of the file you posted. I just messed with a few items. 1) a good way to fulfill your desire to show some VERY generic structures on the sight is to use the 'Massing Model' tool. Very quick way to sort of 'fake populate' the neighborhood. :-) You can see I created a few different houses. Then you can use the 'send to surface' command and it takes all those massing models and places them directly on the surface of the site model. Works great. 2) This may be somewhat confusing......The roads you see in the screenshot are called 'texture beds' site modifiers. Very simple to create those. I made a copy of your 3d polygons and converted them to regular polys then made one polygon object by connecting all the appropriate polygons for the roads, from your file. You can give the roads any texture you wish. Then....you use the 'create objects from shapes' and choose 'site modifier'. then tell it to be a texture bed. Nice things about those is that they lay perfectly on the site model surface... Again, I could have this all wrong as to what exactly you wish to end up with. I gleaned that you wanted to do all this in 3d. But perhaps you were just wanting 2d.
  15. @Pat Stanford You know.....I think I resolved the issue. I simply created a fixed window, for each of the default curtain wall glazed areas within the wall (D U H !) By doing so, all the openings are accounted for within the curtain wall, pertaining to all the windows and doors that will appear on the schedules. How easy was that!!
  16. @Pat Stanford "The 20 minute search this morning (including finding the 60 minutes of thrashing in 2017) did not turn up any way to get more that Net and Gross glazing area and frame length out of curtain walls. Sorry" Oh, Pat....I am soooo disappointed ! :-) I should be the one to apologize sending you down that rabbit hole !! There are workarounds to this. Could just add a little addendum below the schedules, calling out the fixed glazing within the curtain walls. Yes, I knew about the doors and widows within the curtain wall. In fact, if you look closely to that pathetic low res screen shot I posted, you will note that there are two doors and actually, although not open in 3d, that entire bank of high windows are awning windows. So...... I do get your comment on dragging windows into the curtain wall. Very cool feature, really. Thanks heaps for looking into it. Where should I send the check? :-)
  17. @Tom W. Exactly! Maybe that option is hiding somewhere to facilitate including curtain wall glazing, doors and windows into a door and window schedule. I certainly could not find it. You should dive a little deeper pertaining to the curtain wall stuff. It definitely has it's place tor certain scenarios, especially relating to commercial work where you would have what I would call 'store front' windows...lots of windows and glass, etc. Plus, to my knowledge, it is the only way to put a door and a window into the same opening. As you know, you can include a transom above a door, but that is not the same situation at all. I found a great use for several curtain walls (still sort or a strange name, to me) in that crazy pyramid themed designI did and had referenced awhile ago. Some curtain walls were used as a sort of atrium-breezeway between the main house and a few bedrooms at the far end of the residence. Curtain walls worked perfectly in this case. Note how those walls were used in the low-res screenshot.
  18. hahahahaha.....Good point Tom W :-) When things get tough....time to call Pat.!! Thanks for the heads-up however, on what you mentioned. Yeah, I was hoping to just include the data from the curtain, be it doors, or windows, within the door and window schedules. Probably a pipe dream, but just thought to throw it out here in the forums.
  19. This may have been addressed here in the forums in the past, but I had no luck. Pertaining to Window and Door Schedules, how would you account for glazing in a curtain wall ? Because it is basically a 'wall', you can't tick the box that says 'on schedule' in the OIP. This may be a question for "Mr. Worksheet' ( Pat Stanford). :-)
  20. All of us here that have been at this for years, no doubt, have all evolved their own template, setups, etc. I certainly have my own developed after years of using VW. It may seem overwhelming, but honestly it does not need to be. Like others, I am not a huge fan of Stories, especially for most Residential Projects. So do not at all feel like you must embrace that paradigm. Not necessary. But, if you feel Stories will work for you, have at it. Stories probably do well for larger, tall commercial work, etc.where there is a lot of the same floor plans, etc. What may really be helpful to you is to maybe have a few of the Pro’s here send you a basic mostly blank file so you can clearly see how others approach this. That said, if anyone is willing to send you a project file that they have completed recently, which will include the way they set things up and why, that too may be of value . This will at least let you wrap your head around what will work well. However....do realize that everyone will have a slightly different spin on what works for them. Honestly, there is not one perfect way to best set up a file, in my view.
  21. Kevin K


    ok, I just need two things.... 1) do you often use the messages app? You need to make sure it is enabled, which you can confirm in the messages app prefs. 2) I need you email address. You can send that in a private message to me if you don't want show it here in public. Thats it....
  22. Kevin K


    Sorry, that may have been a bit overly simplified in my comments. You need to decide on the exact size of the roof light and you create it in 3d. There are a few methodologies to do so. This 3d object can be very simple. Don't worry about all the subtle flanges, or detailing between the glass and the roof light. Obviously, the client/builder will probably just choose something to their liking anyway, when the time comes. Unless this is a project for yourself? I have an idea....are you a Mac person ? IF so and it is not too late in your part of the UK, the messages app lets you use audio and screen share so we could discuss in realtime in a bit more detail what you want achieve. Too difficult to get into the details in text.Let me know if you are a Mac person and I can give you a call.
  23. Kevin K


    Back to the old skylight/ roof light debacle, I see. 🙂 Yes, if you can’t live with the Velux offerings, you will need to make your own 3d symbol. MGilc, to maintain your sanity, if you can whip together a 3d roof light of your choice and post it, I am sure Tom W or myself would be happy send you a small file showing the roof light in a roof. That way you can simply copy the symbol and place it in your actual roof at the desired location. I am using VW 2020,
  24. I guess Christiaan went to bed early. :-) He didn't respond. Honestly, when I am tasked with doing measurements, annotating PDF's I just import the pdf into VW, make sure the scale is correct, and have at it. It works well. Then just publish it if need be. I have been using an app called PDFpenPro. I has measurement capabilities, but not really ready for prime time. Other than that, it is a pretty good all around PDF app. Maybe Acrobat Pro could do measurements, but I sort of jumped ship on them when my version no longer worked after upgrading my Mac OS.
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