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  1. How can I install the 3d Power Pack? I have 9.5 version....thank's
  2. You must select each sheet to print it, you can't print all the saved sheets. ----------- J U A N
  3. Hello Tom: tell me about your regular procedures for align objects, don't forget that you need a reference (rectangle, line, etc...) to use the align command. ------------- J U A N
  4. Hello Tom: tell me about your regular procedures for align objects, don't forget that you need a reference (rectangle, line, etc...) to use the align command. ------------- J U A N
  5. I don't think that It's a Y2K problem, you will must review the resources window, you'll find the little top box for expand the window and get all features of this resources palette. ---------- J U A N
  6. Which OS System do you have? You can review your File Exchange (find it in the control panel). I have set the Minicad 7.5 files through .MCD extension. When I get a file from PC I don't have any problem to open it...but I think that the extension for VectorWorks is .VW _____________ J U A N
  7. JOSE: First, check your resources window: Click the top-right box and note any change in your resouces window contents (new buttoms and selection box for worksheets insert). If you don't see anything, quit of MCD 7, restart your PC and try again. ---------- Do you speak spanish? if you wish write us in spanish...ok? ---------- J U A N
  8. I can select a range of 3d locus only, unfortunately not the contours (poly3d) through the range of z elevations -like you want-...but, let me show you the custom selection 3d locus procedure, maybe this will be a useful procedure for you: If you get the 3D locus of your active DTM model through the data file import, (generally a text file obtained from a data collector: Hp48GX, Sokkia SDR 31-33, etc) and this locus have the coordinates and elevations data (into the survey data record) you can select a locus elevation range: 1-Go to "organize" menu 2-Active "Custom Selection" 3-Let active the 'select' buttom 4-Pick the "create script" buttom 5-Click the criteria buttom 6-From 'List Offset whose' select "field value" "Z" and use the resources '<' and '>' to indicate the range of selection: like all z between 600m and 625m...click ok or done, and now you have a new macro selection. --------------- J U A N
  9. Roger: 1) Open your resource palette (if you don't have open yet) 2) look inside; ussually you'll find the VW folder 3) Look the top of the box (the place where you can change and select your desktop, HD, etc) , find and select your active file 4) Search and select your symbol 5) Insert it trough your symbol insert buttom. -------------- J U A N
  10. rsshutte2: Also, in your resources palette you can select your active file, if you do this, you can find the symbol file, worksheets, vector script's, records, etc... of your active file. -------------- J U A N
  11. rsshutte: You must remember your symbol insert icon (in 2D palette), first open the palette resources, find a symbol and select it, look the bottom of this window resources, note the arrow buttom, click, and you can insert this symbol into your drawing...Ok?
  12. Dear YoYo: You are a a very special customer...bad luck for DiehlGraphsoft if they find another one like you...please, fix your problem without anger.
  13. I have similar problems, by the way, what kind of system do you have? ------------ J u a n
  14. The Tech Support Forums must be only a place of technical discussion...Ok? -------------- Juan: Work Group
  15. Go to Resources Palette, find your VW file name and click this file, you'll find a list of symbols, records, worksheets, etc. Each type have a representative icon (check your manual), select the obsolete worksheets, records -whatever- and look your right bottoms and select -delete- (erase)..be careful.. this action can't be undo...ok? ---------------- J U A N
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