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  1. Being able to work on the same project simultaneously in a similar fashion to google docs where you can see where the other persons are working.
  2. +1 for doubleclick for setting radius and visual preview of the result
  3. Thank you! Still some sort of an accolade '}' that binds the related classes of each story would be great.
  4. When I do a merge cross section, can I choose the fill color? Preferably black.
  5. Link the visibility settings from classes related to the same story so that you can turn them on off fast.
  6. What is the easiest way to copy walls/windows/... from one story to another? In this tutorial they just seem to redraw them.
  7. Great! Thank you! Showing 2D and 3D at the same time would be even better as it is often important to have an idea of the look of both.
  8. Yes this is totally what I mean! Much more convenient than current offset insertion mode.
  9. Show 3d/2d preview in the find resource browser so that you can see the items before loading them in resource browser.
  10. Dimensions that show up when for example placing a door and snapping to some obvious points like the walls. This way you can easily place objects on the right position. As soon as the object is placed they disappear. (Revit uses this feature).
  11. Omg, how did I keep overlooking this... Thx so much!
  12. I was wondering if it's possible to model in a perspective view instead of isometric view. Seems logic to me but I can't seem to find it.
  13. Is it possible to visually merge walls on different stories, so that you don't see the intersecting line anymore?
  14. +1 for updated interface: Take a look at bonzai3D or formZ.
  15. A slab is defined by the contours of a wall, it would be great that when you move a wall, the slab adjusts accordingly...
  16. Being able to choose between the mac layout with floating windows and a docked layout with everything in one main window.
  17. Second this: More versatility, flexibility in general in with walls, because let's be honest, walls make up 50% of a building.
  18. - Align tool: You click a line you want to align to, then click the a line of the wall/object/window/... you want to align with the first line. Extra option is to lock the lines to each other so that they move together when one of them is moved. - Reshape handles: Windows, walls,... have more reshape handles that allow to easily change dimensions in 2d, 3d,... - Walls by path: use polygon to make a wall. - Slanted/tilted walls - Drag corner of connected walls without breaking the connection between them. - Temporary dimensions: When you move an object, some temporary dimensions pop up. For example I move a window in a wall, I now see the distance to the corner/other window. - Resize left, middle or right of windows, doors,... like you can do with polygons. Now it resizes from the middle outwards so a lot of times you have to reposition. Don't understand me wrong, I really like VWX but these things just make life that much easier .
  19. Ability to drag 2 cornering walls by the corner.
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