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  1. Ok, ii's a goog Idea, I'll try This. There are so much parameters to keep in mind..
  2. Hé hé, I've just post a new message on Marionette Forum about EXACTLY the same question. Did you find a solution?
  3. Hello, Do you know why it doesn't work? It creates a texture with the good prototype in the good family but no image is defined to this prototype. And a group without component is created in the drawing. File in attachement. Create texture with image on shader.vwx
  4. You are completly right Gadzooks, I manually create most of my texture and I adapt them to the projet. But Here the approach is different : I need import about 1.000 png image to create Props. Before creating prop, with Marionette, all of the image must be transformed into Texture. To do this manually will take hours! That's why i need a script to automate the process.
  5. Hello, I would like to create Renderworks texture automaticaly from images (png) located in a folder on my disk. Is it possible? I've search in the forum, i've found some post about it, but nothing works well, probably because the problem is not the same... Is there a king of scripting who could create it for me? Jab
  6. Yes of course, I Know. And it's because I test a lot of rendering style to find the best for me.
  7. Between the first and the second image, there is 8Hours of rendering... Both rendering style have exactly the same parameters, except reflection. 4 reflections for the first, 0 reflection for the second. 4 REFLECTION : 8Hours and 30 minutes rendering. 0 REFLECTION : 30 minutes rendering.
  8. Yes, that's much better than my own tests with parralax. Rendering time is shorter and the result is good on large and background surface. I think i'll duplicate it, add grass shader for the foreground.
  9. Do you have a example to test? All my tests with parallax were no convincing..
  10. I've just search in the forum "random rotation symbol" and i find this script! Thank You!
  11. Yes, you must apply a rendering to see the grass. Look at the viewport.
  12. In attachement, the file with some grasses, don't forget to water the plants from time to time :-) Grass_Collection.vwx
  13. Yes, of course, wich one?
  14. Yes it's a good idea, i'll do a few test with some mix grass color. I've tried a method to approach real natural color : To take a photo and in an image software, pick the RGB code of two green grass colors . But without fantastic success..
  15. Here is the result of the adjustement : The grass has been modified, but now it's too grey.. I've to find the best colors. HDRI background and indirect light with 3 rebounds Do you think it's better?