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  1. 3 Sided Fireplace.vwxHi There, I'm late to the party but found this post helpful with my same problem. I was attempting a 3 sided fireplace but also encountered the same issue with a double sided. My solution was to make a custom wall thickness that included the cavity for the fireplace (20" wall thickness) Like Robert suggested above, I made the insertion point in the center of the symbol. I included my working file for example. Seems like its a good solution
    Wow! I'm very impressed. Works great 🙂 Thanks for putting this together and sharing!
    Incredible that you made this! Well done and thank you 😀
  2. We had someone edit the script to work with VW2016. Here it is. For anyone new to this script, it allows you to change all the stake object Z values relative to a new value given your benchmark. Set_stake_datum.vsm
  3. Hi Ian, Thanks for creating this tool. We have been using it for years with great success! Is there a chance you could update it for 2016? (I tried reaching out to you on your website already, sorry if this is a bother to you)
  4. Here are a few hatches unique to Permacon that other landscape designers may find useful.
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