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  1. Interesting. I have opened the file that I posted, and I am still getting delays as per my video. I have created a new wall using all the defaults, and still get the delays. I may have to contact my local support to fix it then. If they come up with a solution, I will post it here for all other users with the problem. Thanks all.
  2. Not that I am aware of. We have used the same wall setup for 30yrs now. In 2022 or 2023 combined the round wall and straight wall into one tool with combined options. That's when the radius tool lost it when dimensioning the round wall. ( a different issue that I've been waiting to be fixed since August. ) 2024 is when the slowness appeared. All my hardware is the same for the last 2 or 3 yrs.
  3. I believe that I may have limited the method I used. The wall tool allows the user to click to start and then click the next point and then move to the next point and click, etc. ( as per left picture below ) The method I require for individual wall sections is click to start and then click to finish. Next wall click to start and click to finish. ( per right picture ) You are right @michaelk, there was not lag in the wall tool for 2023 ( as attached ). 2023 wall tool.mp4 Slow wall took.mp4
  4. Hi, Has anyone else noticed how slow the wall tool has been in 2024 ? In 2023 I use to be able to click (start), double click (finish) and then, because I have many many separated walls in my daily projects, click (start) again. In 2024, it's to click (start), wait 1 second, double click (finish). I'm not exaggerating the time here. I know that I can start a new wall without waiting for the previous one to appear, but that's very deceiving.
  5. Ahhh, then it's Chrome Edge seems to work. Thanks Pat.
  6. Hi, Has anyone else have the following problem ? With the new vw2024, I am finding that it's taking the focus away from everything else on the screen. What I mean is that if VW is open, I don't get my hidden taskbar pop up when I want it (without hitting the windows key), and I don't get email or Teams notification or Snipping pop up, or at least I don't see them pop up in front of VW like I did with previous versions.
  7. Since I raised this topic, I've had mostly success, but some anomalies. After fiddling a bit, this is my latest version which of course is specific to my process but may gleam some light on the problem. You must be on the layer of the crop polygons you are using to create the viewports. My line type is probably not available to you so you need to change that to your choice too. procedure Main; Label 1, 2; var Lyr, ViewportLyr, LineStyleName : string; i, j, DashedStyleNumber : integer; Pt : Array [1..500, 1..500] of real; hL, hV : handle; Loop : boolean; procedure Log_Selected (h : handle); var VT : integer; AR : real; hC : handle; begin hC := ConvertToPolygon (h, 0); DelObject (h); SetName (hC, 'Tmp'); i := i + 1; GetPolylineVertex (hC, 1, Pt[i, 1], Pt[i, 2], VT, AR); DelName ('Tmp'); SetDSelect (hC); end; procedure Create_Viewport; begin hV := PickObject (Pt[j, 1], Pt[j, 2]); if (hV <> Nil) then begin SetSelect (hV); DoMenuTextByName ('Create Viewport', 0); if (Loop = True) then begin ViewportLyr := GetLName (ActLayer); Loop := False; end; Layer (Lyr); end; end; begin DelName ('Tmp'); hL := ActLayer; Lyr := GetLName (hL); Loop := True; if (NumSObj (ActLayer) = 0) then Goto 1; if (YNDialog ('Every selection on active layer will be a bounding for a viewport. Continue?') = False) then Goto 2; DashedStyleNumber := -Name2Index('Dash Style-9'); { The bounding polygon will be a line style of choice } LineStyleName := GetDashLineTypeName (DashedStyleNumber); DSelectObj (((V=True) or (V=False)) & (LT <> LineStyleName)); if (NumSObj (ActLayer) = 0) then AlrtDialog ('Crop must be line type Dash Style-9'); i := 0; ForEachObject (Log_Selected, ((Sel = True) & (L = Lyr) & (LT = LineStyleName))); DSelectObj ((V=True) or (V=False)); For j := 1 to i do begin Create_Viewport; end; Layer (ViewportLyr); Goto 2; 1: { Error } AlrtDialog ('No bounding box selected, or bounding box is not "Dash Style-9".'); 2: { Abort }; end; run (Main);
  8. Hi all, Seems that Juan is MIA so can anyone else give me their opinion please?
  9. Thanks Juan, I just sent a PM & updated my signature.
  10. Hi, I am given IFC files from clients all the time by email. This one is 1 mb. When I export an IFC, eg. below, it is 416 mb and not nearly as complex. Any hints in getting the IFCs smaller?
  11. Hi, After drawing a radius dimension, I want the dimension size to be text and the arrows inside. The script below does this, except that it doesn't display correctly on the screen. Even though the "Arrows Inside" is ticked in the OI, there is not a line projecting to the center point. Is there any screen refresh I should be adding? procedure Fetch; procedure Dimension_Text (h3 : handle); begin SetDimText (h3, Concat ('R ', GetDimText (h3))); SetObjectVariableBoolean (h3, 3, True); end; begin ForEachObject (Dimension_Text, (T = Dimension) & (Sel = True)); end; run (Fetch);
  12. Thanks Raymond, Yes there is an update to SP4 that I didn't know about. After installing SP4, Alt-9 still doesn't work for a Tool type. I'll also use your idea Ctrl-Alt-9 (Windows) for a Menu command. For anyone else reading @Julian Carr also suggested using 9 U to toggle through Group 1. Thanks all.
  13. vw2023 - My script works fine. I'm not sure we are talking about the same "tool". tool = workspace editor = When I chose the keyboard shortcut Alt-9 in the Workspace Editor, it doesn't work from the keyboard.
  14. Continuing on a bit, the following is my new "tool". However, I can't seem to apply a keyboard shortcut to that tool ( eg. Alt-9 ), or any tool as far as I can tell. The Edit Current Workspace allows me to allocate Alt-9 to the tool but it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me if it is possible ? On a slightly different subject, the Edit Current Workspace also allows me to apply the keyboard shortcut "9", but doesn't tell me that "9" is already allocated to another tool. procedure RWall; begin { -208 Wall Tool } SetToolWithMode(-208, 1, 2); { Group 1, Selection 1 ie Straight Wall } SetToolWithMode(-208, 2, 1); { Group 2, Selection 1 ie Top alignment clockwise } { yet to include wall style option } end; run (RWall);
  15. Gotcha. I must have been looking at some other older link. Ta
  16. I've lost you after https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix#attrCrit Where is SetTool ?
  17. I'll give that a go Raymond. Where do you get the list of number from? The Function Reference page help menu is pretty useless when it comes to actually helping. SetToolWithMode( toolIndex :INTEGER; modeGroup :LONGINT; modeButton :LONGINT); doesn't give any reference to what the numbers are.
  18. Hi, SetTool (-208) is a Straight Wall. What is the RoundWall code?
  19. Peter's statement is correct. "I cannot see different layers when they are different scales" also. When you turn on 2D Legacy and then turn off Unified View, everything returns to the 2021 & previous viewing. However, you can't turn Legacy 2D off unless you want all the other scaled layers to preview at their scaled sizes.
  20. You can send it to me, on private message if you want, and I'll convert it for you 🙂
  21. Perfect Pat, Thanks for you efforts an the coding tips.
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