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  1. I think maybe what's happening is when I change the Plant/ tag ID and then try to use Plant tag/ID as the name formula it sees the name as being a duplicate of another resource i.e. the plant/ tag ID. If I first change the plant/tag id and then save and change the name manually it says eg. CorSan-2. This didn't happen in VW2023
  2. Hi Katarina Sorry this has taken a while, but I can change the latin (botanical) name, it just seems to be the plant tag/ID that it doesn't like. I can edit the plant style name manually in the resource manager but not the plant tag/ID. I've tried it in a brand new drawing with nothing else in it and it still happens. Laura
  3. OK Problem solved - When I'm asked to do a few options I usually set up a set of 'alt' layers with different layouts. It looks as though VW doesn't like to have parametric objects in the same place on different layers. Deleted the 'alt layers' and it's behaving fine now.
  4. This was happening in v2023 as well, but when I go to move a vertex on a very simple L-shaped hedgerow it is taking a huge amount of time, just clocked 90 seconds to move one vertex. If I make a brand new file with just a simple site model and a hedgerow it seems to be fine, but with more complex ones there seems to be a problem.
  5. Hi Pat, I made up a ridiculous name to make sure there wasn't any resource with that name, this is new in v2024. Laura
  6. Amusing results of using the gravity mode before selecting classes!
  7. If I duplicate a plant style and edit it doesn't seem to like any other Plant ID than the one it already defaults to, the name was definitely not a pre-existing symbol or plant ID
  8. Great, thanks the elevation/edit mode and flip does what I wanted, and I've added a gate too in my fence style. I've found that if I take the Jacksons fence panels from the VW library, remove the 2D info and shorten them a tiny bit to allow for the post slots I can use them as panels to make a pretty convincing fence. Now for a gate... Laura
  9. Hi Katarina I can get this to work where the infill type is horizontal or vertical boards or 'rails only' but when I switch to 'panel, pre-constructed' in the general settings I don't get any snap points on the posts. Laura
  10. The fence tool is very good and an immense improvement on the previous version. One thing I've noticed is that if using a pre-constructed panel it won't let me adjust the post locations or add a gate. It does seem to be able to make a short panel, just won't let me say whether it should be at the start or the end of the run.
  11. Thanks very much! I shall have a play around with it on Monday when my brain is less fried from moving data tags around a drawing all day. I think I did initially have the first version you posted Tom W, but fortunately noticed that the numbers were equal when they shouldn't be. Laura
  12. I think this will largely be sorted out with the forthcoming hedgerow styles but has anyone found a good way of labelling hedgerows with data tags? Currently I've had to do a workaround by putting each hedgerow type into a class named for its description and then putting #C# in after the number of plants. Ideally with styles I'd like to have something like: 50 No Mixed hedge: 20 Ilex aquifolium 20 Carpinus betulus 10 Corylus avellana Would also be nice to be able to specify single or double rows. Another request would be the ability to modify the external shape without affecting the umbers, e.g. when a hedge has a chamfered end, or in a recent case an existing hedge that had a gateway cut into it. Laura Stone
  13. The fence does render quite strangely far from the internal origin but seems to be fine once pasted back into place. I have to say it is a bit disconcerting drawing without seeing though, and have to remember where you last clicked. Haven't had any trouble clicking to the z heights on the 3D polygon so far.
  14. Hi Tom I've found that if I just keep drawing sections of fence 'blind' along the polygon they do all relate to each other correctly, then I can just copy and paste them back in position all at once.
  15. As a workaround at the moment my workflow on a drawing with lots of slopes and fences is to draw a polygon over the fence line, convert to 3D polygon, send to surface, then in and isometric view I use the 3D line mode of the railing/fence tool to draw as few straight runs as I can get away with snapping to the vertices of the 3D poly. Now for the odd bit - as soon as I draw each section it is whisked away to near the user origin. Currently I have to go and find it and copy, paste and manoeuvre back into the same place. If I do this moving in top/plan mode it will stay at correct elevations. Is this bug?
  16. I think this could easily be created as a variation on a wall tool. Have a kerb/edging style where the component bottom (usually there'd only be one) is set relative to the TOP of the wall, not the bottom. That way the kerb or edging has consistent depth. The other change would be to allow the levels at the top of each end to be altered in top/plan view. Currently you have to set the top level of the wall and then adjust the other in a 3D view. Could then have something similar to the retaining wall modifier to set ground levels at top and bottom, but in the case of the radius wall with vertices only at each end, not in the middle.
  17. Just downloaded the new service pack and all fixed - thanks very much! (image from solibri)
  18. Hi Katarina Thanks for that, I do have something I'd like to get out, so will send a drawing over Laura
  19. Hi Katarina I might have changed the plant IFC data thinking that was potentially the problem. Using ifc 4 as 2x3 seems to result in very big files. Thanks for looking into it Laura
  20. I have generic plant styles for basic modelling in landscape areas but they won't export to IFC. This used to work in VW2022. If I place the plant style directly in the drawing it exports correctly and can be seen when checked in Solibri. Any ideas? Thanks Laura PlantStyleTest.vwx
  21. This has broken, it worked in VW2022 Plants not exporting from exactly the same file in VW2023
  22. At the moment this only seems to work when the site model layer is switched on and visible, a bit like how landscape areas used to behave. Any chance this could be changed so that they snap to the surface even if the site model is on a layer that's switched off? Thanks
  23. It would be good if there was an option to turn on off snapping to the individual plants in a landscape area whilst keeping snapping to its edges and vertices on. At the moment trying to edit using the reshape tool can be extremely difficult when I keep getting snap points on plants and not on the vertices of the landscape area. Laura
  24. Just installed VW2023 and really disappointed with the updated railing/fence tool. Don't see the point of having detailed BIM material scheduling when I can't even draw 70% of the fences that I need in real life.
  25. Agree on editing directly in the OIP. Also level display each end of grade need to stay where moved t0, often when a new grade is joined or an alteration made they go back to default position. Two further requests: Allow grades to be moved wholesale vertically, then e.g. when an Architect revised FFL it doesn't have to be done manually level by level Radius grades (and maybe even other types of curve) would save loads of time
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