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[9.5.3] Rendering reports lack of memory

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Everytime I switch to OpenGL, VW reports that "One or more opeartions was aborted to a lack of memory. Increase partition size"

This happens also for very simple models, i.e. a cube and nothing else on the plot.

I've still set retain model to Never, anything to low res. VW gets 256 MB of RAM, 576 on the machine, disk space is more than 1 gb.

PB FW 400 MHz, OS 9.2.2, QT 6.0

NB: Rendering worked fine in V9.0

Any suggestions?

Thx, Mario

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What do you have set for the Min and Preferred settings for memory allocation for VW?

(Go to VW folder, click ONE time on the VW application and go to File>Get Info - Memory).

Do you have other applications running while VW is running?

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>What do you have set for the Min and Preferred settings for memory allocation for VW?

Min ist 20000, Preferred is 256000

Finder|Info shows that 250MB get allocated for VW

>Do you have other applications running while VW is running?

Finder and Notepad.

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hi katie,

VW doesn't work with Basic Extensions, as dongle software is not loaded ;-)

Anyway and no matter how system extensions are set I found the reason:

VW does not render if there is a second screen connected to the PB, it renders well, if I disconnect the screen. Even if there are no tools or palettes on the 2nd screen, VW refuses to render.

There's no error number displayed, just that message with an exclamation mark in a OK-dialog-box.

Thanks so far,


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Do you get that message or are you getting an Error Type 2, 3, 1 or 25?

Try this-

Boot with OS 9 OS Base extensions turned on (Go to the extensions manager and select Mac OS 9 Base).

When you restart the computer, launch VW.

Try to render the drawing.

Does it render sucessfully?

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A dual monitor setting should not cause that problem unless there is a conflict with the video card for that monitor and the one installed with the PB.

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Are you using the second monitor for dual monitor set up, or are you using in place of the laptop screen?

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it's a dual screen setup.

screen 1 (internal PB display) is 1024x768, screen 2 (external VGA) is 832x624 @ 75Hz

rendering works with both screens set to 256 colours.

if i set the primary screen to 32768 cols, 2nd to 256 cols, rendering doesn't work any more.

it doesn't matter if 2nd screen is set to greyscale or 256 cols, rendering is only possible if main screen is set to 256 colours or less.

NB: Will colour settings affect exporting into image files as well?

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If you have a dual monitor environment, you should have two video cards.

THe monitor is plugged into one video card, the screen on the PB is internally (probably) connected to another video card.

Are you sure you do not have two video cards?

If so, that's the problem. There is a conflict iwth one against the other.

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Wait a minute -

You are using Spotlight right?

Do you have Gobo's in this drawing?

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No gobos.

I tried the following:

I have a mesh, one colour assigned to the surface. Nothing else in the plot. No lights.

Second screen has 256 colours all the time.

I have 256 colours on the main screen, perspective view:

VW tells me, rendering needs at least 32k colours. I switch to 32k colours on the main screen.

When switching to OpenGL, rendering is successfully for that first time, as soon as I use the flyover (or similar) tool, there is the error message agein.

Now I have 32k colours on the main screen, but orthogonal view, OpenGL rendering. Flyover and everything else is working fine.

Then I go to perspective view and VW refuses to render.

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Hello Mario:

Does it get any better if you assign LESS memory to VW? Like, try setting the preferred size to 64MB instead of 256 MB. You should be able to render most files with that much allocated to VW.

When we do renderings we have to allocate some memory using the System's partition, and if VW is assigned to a lot of memory sometimes the System doesn't have enough left over.


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Hello again Mario:

It might be that the other screen always being 256 colors is the reason it is not working.

We don't support 256 colors for the raster render modes; I guess the reason it worked the first time is because it was confused.

If there is a way to get the second screen to greater than 256 colors it may fix it.

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If you think there might be some solution, we could have a little chat on the phone about that and keep this away from the board. (Did nobody else have that problem so far???)

If not, I will have to workaround by disconnecting the 2nd screen for rendering :-(

Can I reach you via NNA support numbers?

Result so far:

There is no effect from reducing memory for VW. (Tried now with 64MB, that is 512 MB left for the MacOS).

And to sum up all my tries, for colours on the main and 2nd screen, now with web browser and any other programmes exited,

(always one mesh, the window with the drawing in it is always on the main screen, only some tools and palettes on the 2nd):

Perspective view

(256/256): everything works fine.

(256/32768): When switching around a litlle, I sometimes get an error that 256 colours are not supported, sometimes it works. (As you guessed, VW seems to be confused then.)

(32768/32768): Error as described in first posting.

(32768/256): ok

(16M/256): Error as described.

Orthogonal view

(256/256): Error that 256 colours are not supported

(256/32768): Error as described !!

(32768/32768): ok.

(32768/256): ok.

(16M/256): Error as described.

Is there a query about the colour settings during startup VW or loading a file, which might affect these results?

Thanks so far,


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Hello again Mario:

You need to make sure to close the document window and open a new one each time you change the color depths, because VW looks at the current depth when the window is created. If you change the monitor depth while the window is up the window doesn't actually change depth.

I don't really understand why 256/256 works; it should not work when the monitor is set to 256 colors.

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Well, I don't know exactly how Apple handles this, but I didn't buy any extra video card. I just plug the monitor into the rear VGA plug, and I am able to use it instead of or in addition to the built-in display.

This is what System Profiler says, unfortunately in german:



Steckplatz ATI (AGP)

Grafikkarte (Bildschirm)

Kartentyp: RageM3p-parent

Kartenname: ATY,RageM3pParent

Kartenmodell: ATY,RageM3

Card ROM #: 113-XXXXX-119

Kartenrevision: 2

Kartenhersteller-ID: 1002


Bildschirm (2)

Bildschirmgr??e (Pixel): 832 x 624

1024 x 768

Graustufen/Farben: 32768

Aufl?sung (dpi): 72 x 72

Weitere Informationen: Hauptbildschirm

Speicher?bersicht ["Speicher" is "memory"]

Volume-Cache: 8160 KB

Virtueller Speicher: 577 MB

Verwendet auf Volume: Mac OS 9

Arbeitsspeicher: 576 MB

Freie RAM-Steckpl?tze: 0 ()


Videospeicher: 8 MB Integrierte externe Bildschirme in Benutzung [integrated external screens in use]

Backside L2 Cache: 1 MB

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