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New Version-Less Textures?

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I downloaded new versions of VW/Architect/Renderworks yesterday and it seems to me that there are fewer textures i.e. metals than there was previously. Am I missing something? Which available download is most current? If in fact there are fewer textures in the newest version?? I would like to be able to use the older textures folder but I am unable to figure out the sequence of saving them to work in 9.5 Mac 0SXAny help would be appreciated

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If you are looking for textures, they are in the Resources Palette --> VW folder > Textures folder. When you open the Textures folder you will see a number of texture library files which you can then double click on to get the various textures for each library file.

If it's hatches you are searching for, go to the Resources folder in the same place and open the Hatches folder. Voila! There are a bunch of hatches for your drawing pleasure.

The object Libraries folder is where you will find all of your symbols for the various subjects.

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