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Rendering Transparency


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Depending on the Glazing Style you are using for the windows, you will have to change the settings for the glazing class. Select a door or window, scroll to the bottom of the Object Info Palette to see which type of Glazing Style is used. Then go to the Classes dialog box. You should see a class called Style-Glazing 1 or something to the likes. This class should have the "Use" column set to "Y". If you click on that class, then click on the Edit button, you will notice the fill is set to Solid with a White color. This is the problem. The class should be set to the Fill as "none". * If you have RenderWorks, you can always set this class to use a Glass Texture with this same dialog box. Make sure the fill is set to solid, with the texture set to glass. Also be sure the texture itself (from the resources palette) is set to a high enough transparency so that you can "see thru" it.

Once you change this glazing style class to have the correct fill style/color, you will be on your way to having clear windows!

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Thanks to all of you - it worked!

MikeB- Yes, I did have the glazing class set to transparent, by glazing I believe you mean Windows Main and Windows Spec. I set the exterior,interior, and mid surfaces all to transparent.

Matthew-Yes, the window correctly showed up as "Simple Window 2 in wall." - I expect this tip will come in handy later on.

Katie- Third time was the charm. I found that the styles were in fact over-riding what I thought was a correctly set class texture. I now have a better idea as to how the two relate.

Thanks again!

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