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3D Trees


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try 3dplants.com, I have had the same frustration lately. Vectorworks/nemetscheck lists a free download of trees in thier third party area, but true to thier performance, it's a minicad 6 file, with no update.

most plants/trees I've found are for 3d studio max, Im presently struggling with using downloaded dxf files.

good luck

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Also try www.3dcafe.comThey have a free stuff area with some trees.

I would suggest you use pic's of trees mapped to a polygon and the alpha channel transparency instead of trying to use modeled trees.

Convincingly modeled trees are typically huge in terms of polygon count. I downloaded one from 3d cafe that is faily convincing. By itself in a VW file it is 8mb. It had 43500 polygons. This isn't a very efficient way to represent trees in a rendering, and they will typically slow down your rendering time enough to make them unusable.

Look at this thread on rendering people to understand these issues better. People and trees represent the same challanges to any photoreal rendering program.


Good Luck

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Well a short explaination is that you can take a pic of a tree with a white background, create a texture from this image. apply it to a single 3-D polygon and have the white render as transparent when using the final renderworks mode. I think RW calls this mask transparency. If you follow the links you should be able to figure out how to do it.

I use this technique sometimes and other times I simply paste the people and trees into an exported image in Photoshop. Just depends on the situation.

Good Luck

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Afterthought......... I recently visited Jullian Carr's site. burried away is a tip for creating trees. essentially create a 3d mass (a couple or more),use add solids to create one form, and apply a erroded green texture shader....check it out...Of course your creation of the intial mass is critical to the character of the tree, you could add texture to the "leaves" depending on scale........bottom line does not require a lot of memory......trunks and branches are another matter, vectorworks simply cannot model organic forms, I'm going to try a series of "2d" EXTRUDE TO PATHS, and twist them in 3D....in my spare time, yeah right

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