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  1. Dennis Postula

    3D Trees

    Afterthought......... I recently visited Jullian Carr's site. burried away is a tip for creating trees. essentially create a 3d mass (a couple or more),use add solids to create one form, and apply a erroded green texture shader....check it out...Of course your creation of the intial mass is critical to the character of the tree, you could add texture to the "leaves" depending on scale........bottom line does not require a lot of memory......trunks and branches are another matter, vectorworks simply cannot model organic forms, I'm going to try a series of "2d" EXTRUDE TO PATHS, and twist them in 3D....in my spare time, yeah right
  2. Dennis Postula

    3D Trees

    Thanks Mike, I will check out your link. (maybe then I'll understand what an alpha channel transperency is as well)
  3. apparently NNA is not interested in providing any real documantion for rendeworks . I feel at a loss when using shader controls. (IE: what the hell is dielectric?) How best to use the slider controls for reflectivity, transperency etc.? NOTHING ABOUT THIS IN THE "MANUAL"
  4. Am I understanding this correctly? NNA charges it's consumers for a product that is under development (pretendng to be a FULL release) ? That may be normal in the course of business, but I need to produce presentations NOW, and am not interested in being part of NNA's development team at a cost.
  5. Here's an idea, how about some REAL documantion for a product that nemetscheck charges its consumers money for. The list is long, but most specifically, how does one interpret the options in the shader controls? For instance "dielectric" has not been part of my vocabulary, nor are a number of items in shader options. I envy other programs which provide "real time" visuals for how a shader will react.
  6. Please realize that it is 2002, and add the capability of adding inside or outside radius to 3d objects, like many other programs do.
  7. Dennis Postula

    3D Trees

    try 3dplants.com, I have had the same frustration lately. Vectorworks/nemetscheck lists a free download of trees in thier third party area, but true to thier performance, it's a minicad 6 file, with no update. most plants/trees I've found are for 3d studio max, Im presently struggling with using downloaded dxf files. good luck


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