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Support for modelling cavity closers



Now that we have the very welcome Wall Closure feature I would love to have support for 'cavity closers'.**


'Cavity closers' are used in cavity wall construction around openings in the walls—in particular windows and doors—to protect against water ingress, damp, heat loss, condensation and smoke. In some types of construction they're also used to inhibit the spread of smoke and fire in concealed spaces; in the UK their name changes to Cavity Barrier in this case.


I'd like to be able to show these on our 1:50 floor plans and sections.


See also:



**although perhaps better as separate object rather than as part of the Wall Closure feature:






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For windows and other wall openings I would prefer that the basic concept involved a "wall opening" entity that purely set the location and size of the opening.

(In an ideal world it could be applied to several wall objects so that I could have the opening pass through them all if I had them stacked in layers)


Then, I could associate a window object, or window style, with that opening, and I could independently associate a sill type, lintel type, closure arrangement and cavity closer type.


This as @Christiaan points out elsewhere would more closely match the way buildings are actually designed and constructed. You might have a standard window type across a building but installed into different wall buildups in different locations. The wall buildup might be different on the inside but not the outside, or vice versa, or both. And so on.

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