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Resetting Defaults to match Workflow.

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Resetting Defaults to match Workflow.


Once upon a time there was an excellent drawing / drafting application called Claris CAD.
At the time, the sign & POP firm I worked at switched from AutoCAD to Claris CAD.
Graphics were the main issue. The Mac & Claris CAD handled them quite well. Text images etcetera.


One feature that Claris CAD had (… as I remember) was the ability to alter (¿ any ?)  default settings in a dialog box to the users choice. Perfect for a smooth customized workflow. It would be a great advantage for VectorWorks to directly have this feature. (… or to know how to implement this feature ?)


Example: Rounded Corner rectangle. I have never had the need for a such a shape with Proportional Corners. That option appears to be the Default in the Object Info Palette. What I have learned to do as a work-around is to draw this shape with the Shift key held down, and the Corner option defaults to Symmetrical in the Object Info Palette. This requires me to then reshape the Rounded Corner rectangle if I actually wanted a rectangle. What is good: The ninth handle functions as expected.


More steps to accomplish what could / should be simple.


Example Question: ¿How does one change the default of ALL in the Custom Selection to ANY, short of altering with the pull down arrow every time? (¿ And why does the pull down arrow disappear ?)


On the Mac there are setting that require the use of the terminal to alter, yet they can be altered to your needs. Is there a way to look at a specific VW / RW file and edit it ?

    Pre Pandemic - VW 2013 / MacBook Pro 2013
    Post Pandemic VW 2022 / MacBook Pro 2021

Mac OS 11.6.5  - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022 SP3.1 (646432) 64-bit


¿ Am I missing a step ?

          Suggestions are always appreciated !




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