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I have two almost identical vw12 files - one is actually a 'save as' of the other with a few extra walls & windows etc, but i am finding that they both react differently to the set 3d view tool and i can't work out why.

the 'save as' file works just as i would expect. i double click on the viewport, select crop and then set a 3d view - and i get a reasonable perspective view of the building.

however, when i try to do this on the same viewport in the original file all i get is 3 or 4 lines which appear to be a very, very zoomed in view of my building, in a viewport that has shrink to 1cm square. i try to zoom out of the view using the translate view tool but this has no effect.

i have also noticed this in other files and i can't seem to find a pattern between those it works with and those it doesn't. i mention the above example because it seems strange that these two are practically identical files and yet both react differently to the set 3d tool.

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The scale of the viewport, according to the object info, is 1:100 which is the same as the 'save as'. I should also mention that when i choose either current setting or orthogonal I do get a 3d view (although not the one I'm after) and it is only when i select narrow, normal or wide that i get the problem.

also, since having this problem I have begun playing around with the camera tool but I can only set views in the design layers and can't work out how I get them into a viewport - is this possible?

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