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Help with Dialog Builder installation needed

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I tried to install the Dialog Builder via "Help->Install Partner Products" as recommended on developer.verctorworks.net.

A couple of things seem awkward though:

- the installed Dialog Builder Palette only has four tools whereas the documentation shows a lot more

- the dialog builder workspace mentioned in the documentation was apparently not installed. I tried ti find it somewhere on my system, but to no avail.


I have been searching the forum and google. No results so far. 


Any ideas how to handle this problem?


Thanks for the support!



This is a screen shot of the palette that got installed




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That's exactly what it looks like... 😉


Well, nonetheless I gave it another try, but immediately hit the next roadblock:

I built a little example including 2  'EditRealBoxes', an 'EditTextBox' and respective labels. their labels as  'StaticText'.

Exporting code just worked fine and generated a lot of text that would come in handy as a template for doing the hand coding part.

Alas, there's a couple of things missing, namely the user interface elements. Only the first label -field pair gets written out.


Any ideas which point I'm missing? Or should I just go for completely hardcoding everything?


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All the elements have to be connected like a tree. So the first label would have a horizontal connection to the edit box and a vertical connection to the next label. 

You can also preview the dialog from within DB, via a mode bar button when you have the edit tool selected. The code generated for the preview should be very close to what gets exported, with the exception that the preview includes a handler and the ability to show sample data. 

You should be able to do 100% of your interface coding via DB, so that no hand coding is involved. The only thing it will not code is the handler. 

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