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threaded hole

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I'm a bit late to this discussion, but if you still are interested. A 3D nut also gives one a look a method into using a sweep to tap a hole with threads.

If the Fastener tool exists in Fundamentals? Check on the show threads before ungrouping the plugin. The designer of this object used a two step approach for the hole so the detail level could be adjusted to show threads in hole, show hole or no internal detail.

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Just create a bolt of the desired size and longer than the required hole depth, and select [show threads]. Move the resulting bolt to the appropriate location and orientation, and [subtract solids]. Of course this only works if the threaded hole depth is less than the threaded portion of the bolt. For deeper threaded holes, create another solid, like a block or cylinder, and subtract it from the bolt to leave only the threaded portion. Align two or more of the resulting threaded portions and add them to create a threaded rod.

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