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Reshape control geometry - convert rectangle object


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For whatever reason VW will not allow the reshape tool to modify a rectangle. You must Modify > Convert > Convert to Polygons, which then allows reshape to work.


I am trying to implement this in an object node as either a network or custom node, and cannot get it to work. Neither the 'Convert to Polygon' or 'Convert to Polyline' nodes make a rectangle reshape-able as control geometry, and neither 'vs.ConvertoToPolyline()' or 'vs.ConvertToPolygon()' seems to work in a script.


How can I automate the menu command 'Convert to Polygons' so that I can take a rectangle or other poly as a rehsape-able control geometry input?

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  • Marionette Maven

Is there a reason you can't use a rectangular shaped poly as your control geometry object within the container? I'm able to use the reshape tool under that circumstance.


I do find it odd that a rectangle control geometry won't reshape, so I'll throw that in as a bug and see what comes of it.

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