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Selecting Adjacent Objects

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Currently the select connected command can select connected objects that are not closed. What about specific 3d geometry that cannot be custom selected by texture or by hand. Can adjacent connecting objects be selected ? Here is an example image. Let's say I just wanted to select the connected geometry of the object circled in yellow. Is this possible? All geometric objects are not grouped.




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Hmmh, I am not experienced with Marionette at all,

but don't think so (?)


Opposed to 3D Apps like Modo or C4D I always had a Problem

with limited Selection Options in VW.

Especially in such crowded Situations where I really miss an

explicit Option to either only add to Selection or only remove from


As it is now this will lead to a point where you will add unwanted

Faces while trying to remove others from selection and vice versa.


With 3D Apps options to :

SHIFT+LMB (= strictly add to Selection)

CTRL+LMB (= strictly remove from Selection)

you can easily work with Marquee and Clicks to select and separate.


(Also there are tons of Selection options to extend or shrink a Selection,

select planar or adjacent neighbor Faces and much more)

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