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When opening Vectorworks 2021, the login prompt comes up.  Choosing Auto Find Servers comes back with an error.


If I manually enter the license server info in and click Login, I gain access.


We however have Vectorworks installed on an Azure Virtual Desktop environment with multiple users logging into the VMs.  When another user logs in and gets the prompt, the settings I entered arent there and it defaults back to the auto select being checked.  This is an issue as there will be students logging into the systems and they wont know the license server information.  Is there a way I can set the license server info so it will work for anyone that logs into the machine and opens the software?


I read about an xml file under ProgramFiles\Vectorworks 2021\settings\SeriesG, but our install does not have the SeriesG folder under Settings.


Not sure how to get this working so the license server information I enter is set for all.


The software was installed on the Azure Mutli-user VM using the change user /install switch as well, to allow it to work for Multiple users.


Thank you

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Ran across this searching for something else.  Not sure why nobody responded to you, it's fairly simple.


The "Auto Find Servers" functionality uses mDNS, so if your server is on a different subnet, that function won't work unless you setup an mDNS proxy.


As far as pre-populating the license info, I don't have a Windows machine with VWX handy right now to check, but on OSX that data is stored per-user, and it sounds like it's the same on Windows.  Creating a login GPO to write the file would probably be your best bet.


As an example, here is what our config XML looks like.  (Stored on Mac in: `~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/$YEAR/Settings/SeriesG/LoginDialog.xml`)



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>










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