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  1. Ran across this searching for something else. Not sure why nobody responded to you, it's fairly simple. The "Auto Find Servers" functionality uses mDNS, so if your server is on a different subnet, that function won't work unless you setup an mDNS proxy. As far as pre-populating the license info, I don't have a Windows machine with VWX handy right now to check, but on OSX that data is stored per-user, and it sounds like it's the same on Windows. Creating a login GPO to write the file would probably be your best bet. As an example, here is what our config XML looks like. (Stored on Mac in: `~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/$YEAR/Settings/SeriesG/LoginDialog.xml`) ``` <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> <LoginDialog> <Days>1</Days> <AutoFindServer>0</AutoFindServer> <AutoFindMaxTime>1</AutoFindMaxTime> <DontShowAtStartup>1</DontShowAtStartup> <Servers> <Server>mylicenseserver.mydomain.com:5053</Server> </Servers> <Modules> <MainModule>spotlight</MainModule> </Modules> </LoginDialog> ```
  2. Where are the offline installers for both Windows and OSX? They don't seem to be live on your downloads page yet.
  3. I contacted Vectorworks support and their response was more or less "Vectorworks won't run in a VM. Go pound sand."
  4. Sorry Mickey, can't reproduce it on my machine either. Try moving all your settings files somewhere else temporarily perhaps? Maybe it's something in your workspaces borking things.
  5. I have Vectorworks installed inside a VM which I can't activate using our Site Protection Server The host is Ubuntu based Linux and the guest is a clean install of Windows 7 x64. I'm using VirtualBox as my VM host. Vectorworks installed fine, but I can't for the life of me get it to contact the license server we have setup. Other machines can access the SPS server and activate Vectorworks just fine The server has no IP ranges blocked (No ISV options are set whatsoever) The server is pingable from the guest VM The server web interface is accessible on port 5054 from the guest VM The server has plenty of licenses available The guest VM has no firewall The VM host has no firewall I have tried setting the virtual NIC to both NAT and Bridge modes. I have tried both connecting via both hostname and IP address Port is correct. (Default 5053) No matter what I do I get a "Can't connect to the server" error. Thoughts?
  6. We have both Mac and Windows machines. Batch Converting a folder at a time isn't really an option; those 75,000 files are spread out over probably 25,000 folders. We really just need to pass the root directory to a script and have it convert files as it finds them.
  7. Hello everyone, Is there a command line interface for Vectorworks/Vectorscript at all? We have about 75,000 VWX-2016 files we need to upgrade to 2017, and we would like to do this via a shell script. (The builtin batch convert function has been iffy in the past, and the quantity of files we have tends to choke it.) Is there a way of doing this?
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